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hate begets hate

proverb If you treat someone with anger, malice, or hatred, it will typically cause them to behave in a similar way to yourself or to others. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and treat people as kindly as possible, even if they've wronged me in the past. Hate only ever begets hate, after all. It just feels like people only want to attack and tear down anyone with an opposing opinion these days. But hate begets hate, and all we seem to be getting is an ever-rising sea of ill will between each other.
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kindness begets kindness

proverb If you treat someone kindly, they will likely reciprocate in a similar fashion. Maybe you should be nicer to Arthur if you want him to treat you better. Kindness begets kindness, you know. When I was a barista, it made my day when people would pay it forward. Kindness really begets kindness.
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love begets love

proverb If you show love, kindness, and goodwill toward someone, it will typically cause them to behave in a similar way to yourself or to others. I feel like we as a people are losing the notion that love begets love these days, choosing instead to attack or criticize other people as our default reaction. I've always taken the stance that love begets love, and, in my own experience, anyway, it has always borne out to be true.
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Love begets love.

Prov. If you behave lovingly to other people, they will behave lovingly to you. Child: I hate Tammy! She's always mean to me. Father: If you're nicer to her, maybe she'll change her ways. Love begets love.
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begetter. By exposing wood and wire, by withholding
61: "onlie begetter"--Shakespeare, dedication to the Sonnets (1609)
Rather, Latour becomes what Jim depicts in Antonia, a begetter and founder of a community modeled on the worldview St.
The puzzling dedication of the Sonnets "To the Only Begetter of These Ensuing Sonnets, Mr W.
"He was a rarity, a begetter of stories about himself in his own lifetime.
What does the speechless anchorite do, once tracked down as the only begetter of a message in a bottle?
Although George Ives died in 1894--only months after his son entered Yale--he merits acknowledgment as an indirect begetter of Charles Ives's Hawthorne.
Braun focuses on Xenophon's minibiographies of the tough Spartan condottiere Clearchus and of the ultimate begetter of the entire enterprise, the Persian pretender Cyrus the Younger.
Grundy the absolutist seems also to have been the unacknowledged begetter of Burton's relativism.
The man who seemed to approve of the heroic views that Eugene and Monk have of fathers who are as immortal as their works of stone and brick, the man who appeared to mourn the loss of these idealized figures, was the same man who put into words Monk's uncle's rage against his monstrous, legitimate begetter: "'father of my life though he might be--oh,' he howled, 'damnably, indubitably, was!'" (WR165).
It places her in a primordial position, for in the first lines of this text we find her: When on high the heaven had not been named, Firm ground below had not been called by name, Naught but primordial Apsu, their begetter, And Mummu-Tiamat, she who bore them all.
Samuel Arthur Brain, 'ye onlie begetter' of the famous SA (named after him) began brewing on St Mary Street in 1882.
But he never drew more aptly from his Puritan begetter than in the suburban darkness of his 1959 masterpiece, "Skunk Hour":
Let us only trust that the Taylor company, in one form of another, will also long outlast its founder and begetter. There is choreographic genius here that must be kept alive.
The star's take on the part is both original and considered, and it reaps most of its benefits early on, as Macbeth is confronted with more than he can properly fathom until even the begetter of so much bloodshed must eventually snap.