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hate begets hate

proverb If you treat someone with anger, malice, or hatred, it will typically cause them to behave in a similar way to yourself or to others. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and treat people as kindly as possible, even if they've wronged me in the past. Hate only ever begets hate, after all. It just feels like people only want to attack and tear down anyone with an opposing opinion these days. But hate begets hate, and all we seem to be getting is an ever-rising sea of ill will between each other.
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kindness begets kindness

proverb If you treat someone kindly, they will likely reciprocate in a similar fashion. Maybe you should be nicer to Arthur if you want him to treat you better. Kindness begets kindness, you know. When I was a barista, it made my day when people would pay it forward. Kindness really begets kindness.
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love begets love

proverb If you show love, kindness, and goodwill toward someone, it will typically cause them to behave in a similar way to yourself or to others. I feel like we as a people are losing the notion that love begets love these days, choosing instead to attack or criticize other people as our default reaction. I've always taken the stance that love begets love, and, in my own experience, anyway, it has always borne out to be true.
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Love begets love.

Prov. If you behave lovingly to other people, they will behave lovingly to you. Child: I hate Tammy! She's always mean to me. Father: If you're nicer to her, maybe she'll change her ways. Love begets love.
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The Homoians had asked that, if it is true that the Father and Son are one nature, why does not the Son also beget? Ambrose's answer is that to beget does not belong to God's "power" (potestas) (which Ambrose equates with substantia) but to what is proper to his function as Father.
In these small pieces, one impassioned line begets another and another in a loosely systematic style, their numbers filling page after page (and occasionally spilling onto the verso) with a dense gestural scrawl.
The ideology of bias detection begets the shortcut of hyperbole, which then demands escalation when the conditions being described worsen.
In a statement to the United Nations, he deplored the "unending cycle of violence and terrorism, military action and reaction, in effect a series of retaliations which begets more violence" between Israelis and Palestinians.
This begets a morally and politically unhealthy attitude.
"Green stocks aren't likely to outperform their benchmark by a factor of more than three-to-one in all cases, but our study provides further evidence that green begets green," said President Jackson W.
This begets a chain of events in which the Wolfriders flee their forest home, seek shelter with the trolls, and discover another tribe of elves living in the mountains.
"Every new social relation begets a new type of wrong-doing--of sin, to use an old fashioned word," trust-busting President Theo-dore Roosevelt said as he signed the bill into law.
War begets war and shapes human societies as it does so.
That, in turn, causes more head movement, which begets more eye movement as the golfer stays focused on the ball.
Again, this reflects the Marighella equation at work: Terrorism begets repression, which engenders hatred, which in turn fuels more terrorism....
But power that only begets hatred is not good, and in the end hatred becomes the most indomitable power of all.
We ached with laughter over the progression of her greed, recognizing how greed begets greed, how once you step onto that escalator of materialism, it's hard to step off.
Reducing weight begets a virtuous cycle in which powerplants, braking and steering systems and suspensions can be downsized because there is less weight to propel, stop and turn.
The award, named for the now-deceased editor of Cervi's Rocky Mountain Journal in Denver, recognizes the career of an editor whose finely crafted writing and commitment to community embodies the phrase "good journalism begets good government."