beg pardon

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beg (someone's) pardon

Used to introduce a polite request.
See also: beg, pardon
References in classic literature ?
The custom-house officers at New York were not men likely to pick out a pocket-handkerchief from a gentleman's--I beg pardon, from a colonel's--wardrobe, and I passed unnoticed among sundry other of my employer's speculations.
Why, they are NOT in 'statu quo'--but in a 'semper eadem'--I beg pardon, do you understand Latin?
Yet all these appearances have been given -- I beg pardon -- will be given -- by the learned of future ages, to the Ashimah of the Syrians.
I opened my mouth to say something or other; I tried to beg pardon, but could not.
I beg pardon, your Majesty,' he began, `for bringing these in: but I hadn't quite finished my tea when I was sent for.
I beg pardon, ma'am," said Haley, bowing slightly, with a still lowering brow; "but still I say, as I said before, this yer's a sing'lar report.
I beg pardon for asking; but I should like to hear how she is
Sancho made a bag of his coat, and, getting together as much as he could, and as the bag would hold, he loaded his beast, and then hastened to obey his master's call, and helped him to remove the bachelor from under the mule; then putting him on her back he gave him the torch, and Don Quixote bade him follow the track of his companions, and beg pardon of them on his part for the wrong which he could not help doing them.
I beg pardon, monsieur," said I, as I followed him to his private sitting-room, "for having returned so late--it was not my fault.
President and ladies--I beg pardon, gentlemen--allow me to introduce myself as Sam Weller, the very humble servant of the club.
Oh, that's all right, that's all right, give us a rest; never mind about the direction, HANG the direction -- I beg pardon, I beg a thousand pardons, I am not well to-day; pay no attention when I soliloquize, it is an old habit, an old, bad habit, and hard to get rid of when one's digestion is all disordered with eating food that was raised forever and ever before he was born; good land
For this and every other instance of his goodness—’ I beg pardon, Mr.
Suspend your flirtation with the young lady (I beg pardon of all other young ladies for calling her so
Do you wish me to beg pardon of this creature because she has come here to insult our mother and disgrace the whole household, you low, base wretch?
The jirga members told the vice-chancellor that she is their guest here in the district and they beg pardon for the misbehaving of Adnan.