beg for

beg for (someone or something)

To plead or ask earnestly for something or someone. Our kids have been begging for a dog for years, and we're finally getting them one. I tried to calm my little cousin down and distract her, but she still begged for her mama all night.
See also: beg

beg for someone or something

to plead to be given someone or something. He missed Jane a lot and was just begging for her to return to him. Jane begged for another helping of ice cream.
See also: beg
References in classic literature ?
Would he need a chela-- a disciple--to beg for him?
When you git another one, you'll git down on yo' knees en beg for it
I tole you dat de next time I give you a chance you'd git down on yo' knees en beg for it.
Do not think," he went on, "that I tell you this to beg for your sympathy.
On further inquiry, he told that his father dehumanized him every night in order to beg for him.
Based on the ordinance, considered mendicants are those capable of earning a living but opting to beg in the streets, offices and other places where people converge, including those who preach for the purpose of soliciting money from the public; and those below 18 years of age who roam the streets and beg for food and money in hotels, restaurants, plazas and private and public offices.
As they go before the and spread their hands before other nations to beg for alms ( Funds, Aid, soft loans) which do not really reach the needy, but help the leaders in adding to their own collection of assets.
Khuja Mir who is disabled and forced to beg for survival in the Lesa Maryam area, confides "Pakistani beggars are paid a salary in their country".
In 2012, police in Kuwait City arrested an expatriate who disguised himself as a woman to beg for money.
Mr Gilligan said: "It's not in the culture of Travellers to beg for survival and it does not come naturally to them.
Children as young as six have been forced to beg for 12 hours a day.
The total annual budget of BEG for action in the field of Corporate Communications 2016 amounted to around 150,000 EUR.
They beg for their survival, it is a pity that they have to pay up for the mafia, which controls the areas.