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mind (one's) own beeswax

To not interfere in someone else's affairs; to not pry or be nosy. Often used as an imperative. Mind your own beeswax, will you? I can take care of my problems just fine. I really wish she would mind her own beeswax and stop asking me about my finances. So there I was, minding my own beeswax, when the security guard comes over and starts asking me all kinds of questions.
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none of (one's) beeswax

Something that is of no concern to another. This phrase is a less formal or serious version of "none of (one's) business." It's none of your beeswax why I left the party early the other night.
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Mind your own beeswax.

to mind one's own business. (Juvenile.) You just mind your own beeswax! Lay off! Mind your own beeswax!
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none of someone's beeswax

Inf. none of someone's business. (Jocular.) It's none of your beeswax. I'm not telling. You'll never know. The answer is none of your beeswax.
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none of one's business

Not one's concern, as in How much I earn is none of your business. This expression employs business in the sense of "one's affairs," a usage dating from about 1600. (Also see mind one's own business.) A slangy, jocular variant from about 1930 is none of one's beeswax. The related verb phrase have no business is used to indicate that one should not meddle or interfere, as in He has no business discussing the will with outsiders.
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n. business; concern. (see also mind your own beeswax, none of someone’s beeswax.) Tend to your own beeswax.

mind your own beeswax

tv. to mind one’s own business. (Juvenile.) Lay off! Mind your own beeswax!
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none of someone’s beeswax

n. none of someone’s business. It’s none of your beeswax. I’m not telling.
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mind your own beeswax

A euphemism for “mind your own business.” Since “mind their own business” sounds harsh, if not impolite, the close-sounding word “beeswax” was substituted. Those to whom the remark was directed might still get their noses out of joint, but somewhat less so than if the word had been “business.” An interesting, although fanciful, piece of folk etymology tells us that American colonial women stood over a kettle and stirred wax to make candles. If they didn't pay attention, the wax or fire might burn their hair and clothing. Someone who let her concentration wander would be reminded to “mind your own beeswax.”
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