the bee's knees

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be the bee's knees

To be exceptionally great, excellent, or high-quality. Have you ever tried the pistachio gelato at this place? It's absolutely the bee's knees! I'm so crazy about the girl I've started seeing. I think she's the bee's knees, and I don't care who knows it!
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the bee's knees

dated slang Something or someone highly enjoyable, desirable, or impressive, especially in a fancy or elaborate way. Tom's new Cadillac is really the bee's knees! Boy, that singer last night was the bee's knees, wasn't she?
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the bee's knees

If something or someone is the bee's knees, they are extremely good. I loved this jacket when I bought it — I thought it was the bee's knees. Note: Some people believe that this expression refers to the way in which bees transfer pollen (= the powder that flowers make) from their bodies to pollen sacs on their back legs. However, it seems more likely that it dates from the 1920s, when other similar expressions such as `the cat's pyjamas' began to be used.
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the bee's knees

something or someone outstandingly good. informal
The bee's knees was first used to refer to something small and insignificant, but it quickly developed its current, completely opposite meaning.
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the ˌbee’s ˈknees

(informal) a wonderful person or thing: He thinks he’s the bee’s knees (= has a high opinion of himself).
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bee's knees

Something that's excellent. This nonsensical phrase that was popular in the 1920s was, like “the cat's whiskers,” the equivalent of today's “really cool” or “it's amazing!” It went the way of such faddish expressions, which is to say, out.
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Held in the 277-room property's cocktail bar, The Bees Knees, the spirited celebration includes tea-infused drinks served in quirky cups with sweet-and-savory bites.
Appearing at Tameside Magistrates' Court on Thursday, Poole pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer and being abusive to another during the brawl in the early hours of Saturday, October 7 at the Bees Knees nightclub.
The bar will be serving up prohibition cocktails such as Salzerac, Bees Knees and Old Fashioned as well as live jazz music to ensure Brummies are flapping in true roaring Twenties style.
And with Becks a fashion icon and Romeo, 13, a Burberry model, they sure looked the bees knees.
It says it has spent PS50m on development and it will, undoubtedly, be the bees knees of dryers.
Police attended the accident at the Grade II-listed Bees Knees in North Gate Street, Pembroke, just after 2.
BEES KNEES Head gardener Shaun Gorrie FEEL THE BUZZ Shaun Gorrie with the new beehive at The Meadows in North Tyneside
But now both elite sportsman and weekend hackers are set to savour an altogether sweeter experience following the launch of a nature conservation project that is, quite frankly, the bees knees.
Marilyn Harding, co-owner of Wobbly Jelly Balloons and Bees Knees shops, from Brotton, said: "We used to have jazz band competitions.
1994-2009 It might seem a bit presumptuous to get nostalgic about a TV show that shuffled off the schedules barely 12 months ago, but ER really was the bees knees as far as TV was concerned.
Alternatively, the Natural House range has organic detergents, as well as the wonderfully named Mrs White's Bees Knees Superior Bees Wax (pounds 10 for 85ml).
Bees Knees nursery in Park Street, Bootle, will be throwing open its doors between 11am and 2pm.
Rudy Giuliani may be the bees knees in New Hampshire and elsewhere, but there's one place where his presidential campaign is having a little trouble gaining traction: New York.
Thomas Pink shirts are the bees knees for professional men and women.