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com) is an easygoing lounge with good happy hours, karaoke nights, and a Sunday beer bust that turns up the club volume late on weekends.
Allan and Brian had met at a Sunday Beer Bust at the Ambush on Harrison in San Francisco, a meeting that led to a full-blown relationship almost overnight.
The guys who'd brought them there were having a beer bust.
And while the Bodenstabs offer free T-shirts and an afternoon beer bust to keep things lively, the main attraction is a good ROI for attendees on the time it takes to see what suppliers have to offer--not quite from A to Z, but from Adhesives to Workbenches.
Queen (the band, not the treasured institution) have connived to ruin my well-earned four-day beer bust.
soccer team, their beer bust is drowning out the movie.
I guess I'm just too far removed from the college beer bust scene to appreciate this Web site.
Maybe they did some shoplifting or were caught in a beer bust.
The government makes me wear a helmet when I'm on a motorcycle, and it makes me wear a seat belt when I'm driving a car," she said, "But where was it at the Greater Wenatchee Beer Bust & No-Host Wet T-shirt Contest when I needed it?
But while a Delta Lambda Phi brother might don a party frock or enjoy a rowdy beer bust now and then, he'd be just as likely to work on the traffic-control crew for the East Coast AIDS Ride or visit sick kids in a hospital.
to beer busts to our April Fools' pranks to SunRise to our quiet enjoyment at night of a long, hard, well-done day of work, no company enjoyed "work" more than Sun.
In 1979 organizers of the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights were so strapped for cash that they took to throwing beer busts and selling buttons (like the ones displayed here) to raise money.
Lipsky marched and sweated exams with them, ate in the dining hall, attended lectures and their private beer busts, learned their lingo and--most importantly--watched most of them develop into responsible adults and thoughtful professionals.
He views the ritual as a company perk in the tradition of Friday Beer Busts.