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For this, the Eastwood Cafe+Bar has a Beer Blast promotion, through which Happy Hour seekers can try 85 different beers from all over the world!
Watching a bad stoner movie is like arriving hours late at a beer blast - everybody else has already had a few, they're silly and sloshy and laughing breathlessly at jokes that you in your soberness know are just stupid.
FRANKFURT, Germany-American exhibitors and their international guests were treated to hearty German soups, fresh country-style bread specialties and lots of beer at the Heimtextil Beer Blast Nite, held Jan.
Standing amid the soggy flotsam and jetsam of a nightlong college beer blast and fast-food frenzy, freshman Evan Goulette of Grants Pass thought for a moment and then decided the highlight of the experience was the burning couch.
They can see themselves at a beer blast, but not here," said Dyster.
FRANKFURT, Germany-USA Pavilion exhibitors and their international guests, are invited to Heimtextil Beer Blast Nite, an evening of fun and casual business, on Thursday, Jan.
But there is a deeper issue than whether or not the mayor and his wife profit indirectly from this beer blast.
San Miguel Beer blasted the hype in the June Mar Fajardo-Greg Slaughter matchup and sent Barangay Ginebra crashing back to reality in a way only the Beermen can.
Pic also suggests that new-generation summertime visitors--college-age blacks who favor rap and beer blasts over jazz and cocktail parties--aren't entirely welcome by tradition-bound Oak Bluffs residents.
Participating in a debate on the campus radio station, he spoke cheerfully about tax rates and economic opportunity; recruiting fellow students for his group, he offered "the best party on campus," blurring the distinction between politics and beer blasts. He and his fellow party animals gave little evidence of the resentment felt by their elders--except when they spoke of homosexuals.
While student housing may call to mind rowdy fraternity parties, along with beer blasts raging in the halls, Scott says that isn't what happens at all.