taken aback

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take (one) aback

To startle, astonish, shock, or disconcert one. It took us all aback a bit to learn that John was moving to England next month. I'm sure the news of the merger takes everyone aback, but please believe me that this is in the best interest of the company.
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taken aback

Startled, astonished, shocked, or disconcerted. All of us were a bit taken aback to learn that John was moving to England next month. I must admit that I was taken aback when I heard we weren't receiving our bonuses this year.
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taken aback

Cliché surprised and confused. When Mary told me the news, I was taken aback for a moment. When I told my parents I was married, they were completely taken aback.
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be taken aˈback (by somebody/something)

be shocked or surprised by somebody/something: She was completely taken aback by his anger.
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References in classic literature ?
And yet the fact remains that, had the wind failed and the fleet lost steerage way, or, worse still, had it been taken aback from the eastward, with its leaders within short range of the enemy's guns, nothing, it seems, could have saved the headmost ships from capture or destruction.
"I have been taken aback by the support of the fans, who have welcomed me with open arms, and I am determined to help make the 2017-18 campaign an enjoyable and successful one for them."
Folks just trying to keep it real may have been taken aback when they saw a recent fundraising email from Dan Innis, the GOPer running for the state Senate seat in District 24.
But even l have been taken aback by the amount of hysteria being generated in the country by a team that have no reason to even call themselves Welsh.
Tsonga had been taken aback by Murray's cheeky return, but the Frenchman admitted it would look good on the highlights package.
Wenger has been taken aback by Platini's criticisms.
ANDY JOHNSON admits he has been taken aback by the size of his task to win a first-team spot at Everton.
Commonwealth champion David Davies has been taken aback by the reception he has received since returning from the Games in Melbourne.
BEN STOKES says he has been taken aback by the support he has had since his World Twenty20 nightmare.
Arsene Wenger admits even he has been taken aback by Wilshere's development.
LIVERPOOL manager Roy Hodgson has been taken aback by the intense scrutiny of his actions this season.
But Mertesacker has been taken aback by the performances of the youngsters who stepped into the breach.