been keeping out of trouble

(Have you) been keeping out of trouble?

A humorous way to ask one how they are or how they've been spending their time. I haven't seen you in so long! Been keeping out of trouble?
See also: been, keeping, of, out

(I've been) keeping out of trouble

A humorous response to a question about one's wellbeing or activities. A: "What have you been up to?" B: "Oh, just keeping out of trouble."
See also: keeping, of, out, trouble
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(I've) been keeping out of trouble.

 and (I've been) keeping out of trouble.
Fig. a standard response to a greeting inquiry that asks what one has been doing. John: What have you been doing, Fred? Fred: Been keeping out of trouble. John: Yeah. Me too. Mary: How are things, Tom? Tom: Oh, I've been keeping out of trouble.
See also: been, keeping, of, out, trouble
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