be at (something)

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be at (something)

1. To be located in a particular place. Where are you at? I just looked inside the restaurant, but I didn't see you. I'm at the main entrance—where are you?
2. To occur at a specific time. According to the tickets, the concert is at 8:00, but I'm sure the headliner won't go on that early.
3. To be working on something determinedly or persistently. I've been at this problem for hours and still haven't found a solution.

be at it

1. To partake in an action, activity, or pursuit vigorously, exhaustively, or determinedly. I studied really hard for this test. I was at it all night. I wish those dogs would quit barking—they've been at it since the sun came up!
2. slang To be engaged in sex. I can always hear when the neighbors are at it. It's really embarrassing!
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be ˈat it

1 be talking or arguing too much: It’s time you two stopped arguing — you’ve been at it all morning!
2 be having sex with somebody
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be at

1. To be located somewhere: The hotel is at the center of town. I am at the corner of 11th Street and Third Avenue.
2. To take place at some given time: Our meeting is at noon. The movie is at 8:00, so we've got plenty of time for dinner.
3. To be busy trying to accomplish something; keep at. Often used with it: I have been at this interminable project for weeks now.
4. To remind someone regularly about something or to do something: He's been at me about the book he lent to me.
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