(Have you) been OK?

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(Have you) been OK?

A question about one's well-being. I haven't seen you in so long! Have you been OK? A: "Have you been OK? I know your part of town was really affected by the hurricane." B: "Somehow, it managed to miss our street, thank goodness!" A: "Been OK these days?" B: "Oh yeah, just busy with work. You know, the usual."
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(I've) been okay.

Inf. a standard response to a greeting inquiry that asks how one has been. Bill: Well, how have you been, good buddy? John: I've been okay. Sue: How you doing? Jane: Been okay. And you? Sue: The same.
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(Have you) been okay?

 and You been okay?
Inf. a vague greeting asking if one has been well. Tom: Hey, man. How you doing? Bob: I'm okay. You been okay? Tom: Sure. See you! Mary: I heard you were sick. Sally: Yes, but I'm better. Have you been okay? Mary: Oh, sure. Healthy as an ox.
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