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bedtime story

1. A book or story that a child is read or told before going to sleep. The kids always clamor for one more bedtime story—anything to avoid having to go to sleep.
2. A lie or made-up story. I know he's telling me bedtime stories to avoid admitting his mistakes.
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fairy tale

and bedtime story
n. a simplistic and condescending explanation for something; a lie. I don’t want to hear a fairy tale, just the facts, ma’am. I’ve already heard your little bedtime story. You’ll have to do better than that!
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bedtime story

See also: bedtime, story
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Avoid anything containing caffeine within six hours of bedtime.
People who aren't bothered by nocturia might try a cup of chamomile tea or warm milk as part of their bedtime ritual.
and we're also giving you the chance to buy your children the complete set of all four Puffin bedtime story books for the amazingly low price of pounds 6.
A senior child Psychiatrist Farooq Naeem warned that youngsters should be steered away from computer games and TV and back towards bedtime stories.
She and her coauthors focused on bedtimes because they have a greater impact on the duration of sleep than do wake times, over which parents have less control.
Early language and literacy practices are oftentimes embedded in bedtime routines.
The children were about 4 A' years old when their mothers reported their typical weekday bedtime.
Scholars have long recognized the many benefits of bedtime storytelling-whether through the reading of books or the unscripted narration of original and adapted tales.
GRADUATED EXTINCTION and bedtime fading significantly reduced nocturnal wakefulness in infants and maternal stress, according to Michael Gradisar, Ph.
In yet another study published this year, early bedtime for preschool-aged children seemed to help prevent obesity in adolescence.
In this beautiful companion to Sing a Song of Mother Goose, Barbara Reid's bright and tactile images illuminate a variety of bedtime rhymes and lullabies.
AN app that weaves maths problems into bedtime stories can help children learn to master numbers, a study has shown.
Taking blood pressure pills at bedtime rather than in the morning reduces BP during sleep and also lowers risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, research reveals.
Sing a Song of Bedtime presents a delightful selection of 13 classic nursery rhymes and lullabies that lend themselves perfectly to bedtime reading.
A CONSISTENT routine for young children at bedtime helps them sleep better and longer, according to a new study.