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fairy tale

and bedtime story
n. a simplistic and condescending explanation for something; a lie. I don’t want to hear a fairy tale, just the facts, ma’am. I’ve already heard your little bedtime story. You’ll have to do better than that!
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bedtime story

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Children who frequently used Bedtime Math with their parents ended up about three months ahead of classmates who were read similar stories with no maths content.
The link between late bedtimes and BMI increase was not significantly affected by total sleep time, amount of exercise, or time spent in front of computers or televisions, the investigators found.
It found that a consistent bedtime routine was associated with getting children to bed earlier, reduced night waking and longer sleep.
Each time a person submits their favorite bedtime story at www.
Adolescents who had late school year bedtimes in Wave I were more likely to have emotional distress in Wave III.
Participants had to consume the pills at three different timings - one at bedtime, one at three hours before bedtime and one at six hours before bedtime.
The study led by Christopher Drake, PhD, investigator at the Henry Ford Sleep Disorders and Research Center, showed that about 2-3 cups of coffee taken at bedtime, three and even six hours prior to bedtime significantly disrupts sleep.
The study found that kids who went through early childhood without a set bedtime had more hyperactivity, conduct problems, conflicts with other children their age and emotional difficulties.
Erratic bedtimes can cause a similar effect to jet lag and the longer youngsters go without regular bedtimes, the greater the impact on their behaviour, experts found.
uk You can follow me on @mcnally_siobhan Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved listening to stories at bedtime.
The emptier the bladder will be the better, and limiting bedtime drinks (especially fizzy drinks) will of course contribute to this.
Dr Ibrahim al-Janahi: tips Establishing a regular bedtime routine for children and ensuring that they get the adequate rest needed for their growth and development, can help prevent sleep difficulties, says Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) Paediatric deputy head Dr Ibrahim Ahmad al-Janahi.
Nicola says: "Start the bedtime routine at least a week before schools starts.
While daytime exercise can aid night time sleep, intense exercise within two hours of bedtime can mean there isn't enough time for the body to physically wind down enough to sleep.
com)-- My Appy Kid, a new children's storybook app developer and publisher, announced today it is building a free book app for parents to help with a nightly problem that affects millions of family's - sleep and bedtime.