know no more about than a frog knows about bedsheets

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know no more about something than a frog knows about bedsheets

Rur. to have no knowledge of something. Don't let Bill fix your car. He knows no more about cars than a frog knows about bedsheets. When I first started studying French literature, I knew no more about it than a frog knows about bedsheets.
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Tenders are invited for E- tender for jaipuri razai, bedsheets and rajasthani garments shop, ground floor, security hold area, terminal 2, jaipur airport
It is further stated that the project: 'Cluster Council for Bedsheets and Upholstery (CCBU)' was also handed over to BZU with the principal understanding of using the CCBU machinery for the training of students and absorbing its staff as permanent employees.
The shipment was declared as packages of blankets, bedsheets, pillowcases, carpets, and caps but was found to be used blankets, bedsheets, pillowcases, scarfs, socks, pants, jackets and shirts with a total value of P3,685,854.
Pakistan Bedsheets and Upholstery Association (APBUMA).
Pulling from her collection of about 50 mirrors, she creates analog collages by positioning them to produce reflections against everyday backdrops: tiles, asphalt, bedsheets.
As part of the CSR initiative, 300 pieces of blankets, duvets, bedsheets and pillow cases were donated to the charity, which was founded in 1990.
On hearing the "news" contestant Darren Day burst into Gest's room and lifted his bedsheets to check he was alive.
Rome, Jumada I 6, 1437, Feb 15, 2016, SPA -- Authorities have put up roadblocks around the Italian capital after two prisoners escaped jail by sawing through bars and using knotted bedsheets to climb over the wall.
Bedsheets are among the more popular items used in suicide attempts.
According to The Mirror, police are allegedly probing suspected sabotage after Uruguay's players claimed sabotage for being woken in the middle of the night by termites crawling in their bedsheets.
I don't care how chavvy it is to plaster on the fake stuff, how much it makes it look like poop on the bedsheets, how much my husband (Asian, natch) hates everything about it, or how much it makes me smell of biscuits.
Stunned neighbours and passers-by watched in disbelief as they made with food, bedsheets, curtains and giant teddy bear.
SEVEN members of banned outfit Students Islamic Movement of India ( SIMI) made a dramatic escape from Khandwa district jail early Tuesday, using a rope made from bedsheets to scale the 30- feet high wall of the prison in Madhya Pradesh.
They call these robes bedsheets," he said indignantly.
Khwaja Muhammad Younus, Chairman All Pakistan Bedsheets and Upholstery Manufacturers Association said that suspension of gas to the textile sector for indefinite period of time has literally paralysed it leaving hundreds of thousands of workers unemployed.