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bedeck with (something)

To decorate or embellish with something. I want this whole room bedecked with lights for the Christmas party. During the 1960s, many girls bedecked their hair with flowers.
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bedeck someone or something with something

to decorate someone or something with something. She bedecked herself with garlands of daisies. Karen bedecked the room with flowers.
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Stuart's portrait of Cheverus captures him as an engaging diplomat bedecked with his bishop's cross and ring and holding a prayer book.
This new ship--flag bedecked, after appropriate speeches by dignitaries and traditional champagne treatment--slid down greased ways to meet salt water; proud name on her cruiser stern ..."
The Herefordshire entrepreneur has met both challenges head on and is enjoying runaway success with -a virtual gateway into the world of exclusive fashion trimmings.
But his partner, Miss Dell'Olio, stole the show when she arrived wearing a stunning black dress with a plunging neckline and bedecked in jewellery.
Half an hour later she sweeps into the cocktail bar, bedecked in a sleeveless sequinned dress designed by Chanel, topped off with a Cartier diamond necklace.
Although first impressions--stagnant canals, serrated rows of under-maintained public housing apartments stamped with giant letters of the alphabet, their balconies bedecked with laundry and drying futons, ubiquitous cinder-block walls --are unlikely to be favorable, there is a dynamism, perhaps even a hidden order, to Tokyo's shambolic macrame of high-tech, high-cost modernity, and its wooden buildings, corrugated walls, roof boxes, petro-incinerated concrete, rising damp stains and rusting water drums.
Special events are of interest, and we can glimpse Toronto bedecked in Union Jacks in celebration of the Royal visit in 1939.
It is from this same basic material, amplified and further bedecked, and making use of sources which were not available to Browning, that Derek Parker has reconstructed the real-life circumstances of the case, and in doing so unravels a truly strange tale and brings compellingly to life the colourful secentisimo Rome in which the drama was played out.
The dance world is bedecked with Guggenheim Fellows this year.
An online, virtual collection of contemporary objects and actions made by inspired amateurs, Folk Archive includes documentation of everything from a banner protesting a recent spate of homophobic and racist bombings in Central London to a fairground ride bedecked with garish images of the late Princess Diana.
Bedecked in flowing, kaleidoscopic gowns, they rode forth and saluted their own king and our visiting U.S.
Images from Fort Street show camera crews capturing brethren in their regalia marching in the area bedecked in red, white and blue bunting and Union flags.
Myriam Seco Alvarez, the archaical team's head, described the mummy as bedecked with 'many colorful decorations recalling religious symbols from ancient Egypt, such as the goddesses Isis and Nephtys displaying their wings, and the four sons of Horus.'
It gives you this buzz, it's quite pleasant"- Actress Sienna Guillory who was bedecked in diamonds when she attended a store opening.
Honley Business Association and its members have been busy working to ensure that the village will be bedecked with Christmas trees and lights throughout Westgate.