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bedeck with (something)

To decorated or embellish with. I want this whole room bedecked with lights for the Christmas party. During the 1960s, many girls bedecked their hair with flowers.
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bedeck someone or something with something

to decorate someone or something with something. She bedecked herself with garlands of daisies. Karen bedecked the room with flowers.
See also: bedeck
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Our survey shows all that is needed for a good rest is a chilled-out evening and a bit of routine," said Tania Johnston of Bedeck.
The common name for Arbutus unedo comes from the puffy red berries that bedeck this evergreen during fall and winter.
The rest of the works deal less with armies or battles and more with individuals and the interpretations of the icons that bedeck our museums.
Go for bright and vibrant blooms with the Capri range from Bedeck, which includes bedlinen, towels and curtains.
ring the changes with a teaming embroidered flat sheet, pounds 38, and quilted throw (top right), pounds 70, instead of a duvet to go with embroidered pillowcases, pounds 11 each, all Tie Dye Saffron range by Bedeck (0845-603 0861).
PILLOWCASES with a built-in delicate fragrance are the latest idea from Bedeck.
ZENA SAYS: Bedeck, who make the Victoria and Albert range of bedlinen, tell me the duvet/pillows only come in sets, which is a shame if you want more pillowcases.