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bedeck with (something)

To decorate or embellish with something. I want this whole room bedecked with lights for the Christmas party. During the 1960s, many girls bedecked their hair with flowers.
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bedeck someone or something with something

to decorate someone or something with something. She bedecked herself with garlands of daisies. Karen bedecked the room with flowers.
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For nearest stockist, call the Bedeck customer helpline on 0845 603 0861.
Bedeck, a family-run business established in 1953, has its flagship store in Belfast, but offers plenty of homewares on its internet site.
According to Bedeck, the scent will survive 20 washes and has passed skin sensitivity tests.
Neptune did not reveal the numerous complex swirls that bedeck Jupiter and to a lesser extent Saturn, but high above the atmosphere's visible cloud deck are bright streaks of frozen methane resembling Earth's cirrus clouds.
4 From top: pillowcase, pounds 15, Bedeck; lilac pillowcase, pounds 15, Jane Packer for Bhs; Cubes pillowcase, pounds 12, Benetton for Bedeck; duvet cover, pounds 40, House of Fraser.
Bed linen company Bedeck asked the celebrities to sign their pillowcases to raise cash for the charity which grants wishes to children with life- threatening illnesses.
At the Barasoain Church, or Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish, an image of Mary was bedecked with different flowers of various colors.
Sue is guessing the pictures - one a giant group shot of staff and tenants, the other the hall bedecked for celebration - are connected to the coronation of King George Vi in 1936.
Residential colonies were decorated with twinkling lights and stars, and baubles such as bells, pine cones, apples, candies, tinsel and balloons bedecked trees, streets, houses and churches.
The show of patriotism does not end with flags A shirts, dresses, balloons and badges, as well as other memorabilia bedecked in the hallmark green and white, emblazoned with the national flag, are a hot commodity as people have started visiting markets, surveying the colourful and quirky offerings.
The Garrison town was bedecked with banners, bunting and blue and yellow bicycles as the riders came down the hill towards Catterick Garrison past the new Princes Gate Shopping Centre to the camp centre roundabout before turning right towards the start line.
The artistically bedecked dais made the stories more realistic and effective.