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bed down

1. To get into bed and go to sleep. After taking exams all week, I can't wait to bed down tonight.
2. To put someone, typically a baby or child, into bed. Please be quiet, I just bedded down the baby.
3. To provide someone with a bed or the space and materials for sleeping. If it gets late, we can just bed down Tony and Gina in the spare bedroom.
4. To cover or secure something as a means of protection. With this storm coming, we have to be sure to bed down our crops.
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bed down (some place)

To sleep somewhere. Hey, since it's so late, can I bed down in your spare bedroom? I found a hotel with a vacancy, so we can bed down there for the night.
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bed out

1. To uproot and replant tropical or annual plants from indoor growing locations to outdoor flower beds, especially those laid out in ostentatious shapes and patterns. Usually used in gerunds. Bedding out was all the rage in Victorian England, though it has been seeing a resurgence of interest recently.
2. To make a bed for oneself in some location. On warm nights like these, we like to bed out with the herd beneath the stars.
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bed down

(for something) to lie down to sleep for a period of time. After she had bedded down for the night, the telephone rang. All the chickens bedded down hours ago.
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bed (someone or something) down (some place)

to put someone or something into a bed or on bedding some place. We bedded the kids down on mattresses on the floor. We bedded down the horses for the night.
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bed down

1. To lie down to sleep: I'm about to bed down for the night.
2. To furnish someone with a bed or sleeping quarters: We bedded down our guests in the den. The army bedded down the troops in a temporary shelter.
3. To put someone or something securely to bed: The parents bed down their children every night by reading them a story. We bedded the baby down early tonight.
4. To secure or protect something, especially by covering or enclosing it: To keep the roots of the plants healthy, bed them down in the winter with an inch of soil. We bedded down our equipment under some leaves while we explored the surrounding woods.
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