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don't let the bedbugs bite

cliché Sleep soundly and well. Part of the sing-song rhyme "good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite," usually said to a child. I'll see you in the morning, love. Don't let the bedbugs bite!
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(as) crazy as a bedbug

Insane. Often used jocularly. Primarily heard in US. Don't leave me alone with Uncle Stu, he's crazy as a bedbug!
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crazy as a bedbug

If you describe someone as crazy as a bedbug, you mean that their behaviour is very strange or silly. By now she'd concluded that Peters was crazy as a bedbug. Note: Bedbugs are small wingless insects that live in beds and bedding. They feed by biting people and sucking their blood.
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I had to lean forward in my chair and ask him twice to repeat it before I heard him say bedbugs.
The company has the largest heat remediation fleet in Mississippi that is used with a team of skilled scent detection bedbug dogs.
Christine adds: "Now when we go away we do a forensic check of the bedding for bedbugs before we even unpack.
Bedbugs were well known to the ancients, Borel writes.
Although research has found certain disease organisms may be found on or in a bedbug's body, no evidence exists that shows bedbugs can transmit disease.
The absence of any new bedbugs on Saturday was greeted joyously, said Nohrenberg, the library's customer experience manager.
The aggregation factors present in methanol extract of feces of nymphs, males and females of bedbug, C.
When bedbugs returned, "the industry jumped on it faster than anybody can recall for a target insect that has really started to affect the consumer," he added.
Ramachandran said a bedbug lives for more than a year and takes three months to mature into an adult during which time it feeds on human blood.
Apartment tenants may conceal bedbug infestations from dormitory managers for fear of financial penalties or eviction (Moore & Miller 2009); and, industrialists are often not willing to pay the additional costs of preventing and controlling bed bugs and other pests in worker dormitories.
com, an expert-only health and legal Q&A forum and directory, questions about bedbugs have nearly doubled since last year, reflecting the growing bedbug infestation nationwide.
Most people do not need medications to treat bedbug bites, but in more severe cases, corticosteroid creams and oral antihistamines may be used.
The city of New York alone spends as much as $40 million a year in bedbug control.
A bedbug, shown here ingesting blood from a human host, does not transmit disease, but misuse of chemicals used to eradicate these insects can cause illness, and even death.
The stretch polyester knit covers feature a hydrophilic membrane for a cool, comfortable sleep and the same bedbug protection.