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don't let the bedbugs bite

cliché Sleep soundly and well. Part of the sing-song rhyme "good night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite," usually said to a child. I'll see you in the morning, love. Don't let the bedbugs bite!
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crazy as a bedbug

If you describe someone as crazy as a bedbug, you mean that their behaviour is very strange or silly. By now she'd concluded that Peters was crazy as a bedbug. Note: Bedbugs are small wingless insects that live in beds and bedding. They feed by biting people and sucking their blood.
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The aggregation factors present in methanol extract of feces of nymphs, males and females of bedbug, C.
Similarly, Faruq, a Sharjah resident, said he and his family were at their wits end trying to comply with a three-stage strategy adopted by a pest control firm that charged him Dh850 to control bedbugs in his three-bedroom apartment.
Infestation condition and control of bedbug in an army.
To date, only twenty states have statutes addressing bedbugs, with only 10 states specifically addressing bedbug infestation in rental properties and hotels.
The bedbug registry shows hotels with recent bedbug reports.
A team of entomologists led by Coby Schal and Ed Vargo of North Carolina State University studied the genes of bedbugs infesting three multistory apartment buildings in North Carolina and New Jersey and found very low genetic diversity - meaning most of them were very close relatives.
Similar to other cities worldwide, Vancouver has seen an alarming increase in bedbugs, particularly in the Downtown Eastside, where 31% of residents have reported bedbug infestation (8).
Now experts in the US hope the first detailed genetic study of bedbugs will reveal chinks in their armour and lead to new methods of pest control.
Having a section devoted to bedbug detection, control and elimination may not sound too nice, but it can go a long way to helping build sales and profits in categories that have long struggled in food stores.
The city's tourism agency, NYC & Company, said it has not seen mass cancellations because of bedbug fears.
To this point, I haven't seen any big discussion of liability or disease issues arising from the bedbug problem.
Recent months have seen an unprecedented rise in bedbug infestation reports across the city.
HAZEL MAIDEN, Acocks Green SO the bedbug is back, and we have an invasion.
The bedbug war under this supreme commander was Robert's first adventure in military strategy.
If, or when, word gets out that you have a bedbug problem in your property, public relations can be a nightmare.