bed of roses

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a bed of roses

An easy, comfortable situation. After John complained about his long, tiring day at work, his father turned to him and said, "You didn't think your new job in construction was going to be a bed of roses, did you?"
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bed of roses

A comfortable or luxurious position, as in Taking care of these older patients is no bed of roses. This metaphor, first recorded in 1635, is often used in a negative context, as in the example. Also see bowl of cherries.
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bed of roses

n. a luxurious situation; an easy life. Who said life would be a bed of roses?
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bed of roses, a

A delightful place, a very pleasant situation. The metaphor was employed by English poets from Christopher Marlowe on. Today it is often used in a negative sense—that is, some situation is not a bed of roses. Indeed, the metaphor lacks literal truth anyway, as garden expert Allen Lacy pointed out in a New York Times column of 1987: “A bed of roses isn’t, considering all the fussy care they require—remove faded blossoms, minor pruning, spraying, dusting.”
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Irrfan Khan will play the lead in No Bed of Roses -- to be helmed by Bangladesh's acclaimed Mostofa Sarwar Farooki.
'How can I admit it's not a bed of roses after I'd tried for a baby for so long?'
The Throver (48" x 54") comes in multiple colors featuring the Wegman Collection pattern Dogland, and three Molly B Fashion patterns: Bed of Roses, Aztec, and Interlock.
It isn't a bed of roses at the Emirates either, but this fixture looks made for Arsenal.
"No Bed Of Roses: My Sideline View Of The Wisconsin Badgers' Return To Greatness" is the extraordinary memoir of Chris Kennedy, whose four years with the University of Wisconsin Badgers football team saw the evolution from mediocrity to Rose Bowl glory under the legendary college football coach Barry Alvarez.
Of course, being gay in a Catholic country isn't a bed of roses either.
Do You Know You Are My Sunshine was recorded here by TR Dallas while other Statler Brothers songs such as Bed Of Roses have been covered by Big Tom, The Indians and Michael O'Brien.
Corrie bosses would not divulge any details of what sparks the separation, but fans of the Weatherfield soap know that the marriage has not always been a bed of roses.
Their story is a reminder that even in so-called "peacetime" the life of a soldier is no bed of roses.
Self-employment is no bed of roses; in fact, it comes with more than a few thorns, according to a new academic study.
LIFE is a bed of roses for Bluebirds fans gearing up for the big match - blue roses, in fact.
For those who do stay, doing their life's work in long-term care will be no bed of roses. For the most committed--the best within all long-term care professions composing the "rainbow" of talent within the field--there will be a reward.
Tipyn o Stad: Life is far from being a bed of roses on the Maes Menai estate.
and begin discovering that life at the top isn't always a bed of roses.
According to Karen Goodfriend, a partner with Goldstein Enright Financial Advisers in Palo Alto and CalCPA Personal Financial Planning Committee chair, life is not necessarily a bed of roses at the top: "For those professionals who are truly committed to providing financial planning services, it can be professionally and financially very rewarding--yet also very difficult.