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The night shelter he used closed after funding ran out and he and six other homeless people have been forced to bed down in a public toilet.
This would amount to pounds 1300 each for the 3500 soldiers who face having to bed down in warehouses to keep the Games secure.
Crimewatch's hunky fella is still hanging on in there in the final three, along with Amy Williams and Angelica Bell, And here they'll have to build a snow cave to bed down in before swimming a frozen lake, entering and exiting only by four holes cut into the ice.
It also found that women are more likely than men to bed down with their pet (27 per cent compared with 22 per cent).
Odstock is perfect for Sally Alner's wife and the physio he requires, and that's why we are holding out for a bed down there.
He was taxing her on a box room so small the only thing that could bed down there was Julia's fridge.
Daniel Gidney, chief executive of the Ricoh Arena, explained: "We are attempting to halve the time each transaction takes which will make a massive difference, but any wholesale change takes time to bed down and we would ask supporters to get there early and bear with the staff.
With Liosgarbh Judy set to move middle, the selection should get a dream run on the inner and, once in the clear, should put the race to bed down the far side.
The subjects will be invited to bed down for six nights in the world's most advanced laboratory bedrooms linked up to electrodes monitoring their sleep patterns.
Thousands of inmates commit "bed and breakfast" offences to get back behind bars - with ex-prisoners who have nowhere to bed down 20 per cent more likely to break laws.
But organisers say the town's hotels are fully booked, leaving visitors with the choice of camping out in the grounds of Bedworth Rugby Club or taking their own sleeping bags to bed down inside the St John Ambulance Hall, in Saunders Avenue.
Around 400 tons went on, so it will be running a bit slow, but we expect it to bed down a lot quicker than the earlier stuff as we've got a much better idea as to how to use the new bowser watering system now.
The incident happened on Wednesday night when prisoners at Kilmarnock jail took over a wing after refusing to bed down for the night in their cells.