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becoming on (someone)

Attractive on someone, as of clothing or other wearable items. That gown is so becoming on you, my dear. My daughter has hazel eyes, so olive green is very becoming on her.
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become unstuck

To encounter setbacks or fail altogether. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Boy, this party is really becoming unstuck. First, there was the issue with the caterer, and now half the guests aren't coming.
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become grounds for (something)

To form the basis for some action or decision, often one that is disciplinary or legal in nature. If you get caught plagiarizing, it becomes grounds for expulsion, you know.
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become involved with (something)

To establish an association, typically work related, with something or some organization. Johnny's become involved with a nonprofit health clinic during his summer vacation. I've become involved with Scott's campaign for mayor.
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*becoming on someone

[of clothing] complimentary to someone; [of clothing] enhancing one's good looks. (*Typically: be ~; look ~.) The dress you wore last night is not becoming on you. That color is very becoming on you.
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disappointed at someone or something

 and disappointed in someone or something
becoming sad because of someone or something. I am really disappointed at what you did. I am very disappointed in you. That was a terrible thing to do. They were disappointed in the outcome.
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Becomingly costumed, her outward composure barely concealed an inner angst.
His first alter ego Brother Barnabas, in the student magazine Comhthrom Feinne, travels through Germany, encounters the writer Politicus while "walking down the corridor of an express-train in search of a bottle of lemonade," and fights him in Baden-Baden: Barnabas wearing "College colours" and Politicus "clad becomingly in a singlet of Abbey Street puce" (Myles before Myles 63-4).
In its director report the company said the market in which it operates was becomingly "increasingly competitive", partly as a result of the presence of large multinationals which "continue to exploit their position".
In South Africa, we are becomingly increasingly aware of the need to promote and support men in fathering roles, especially in the context of high levels of domestic violence and the rampant HIV/AIDS epidemic.
Even more, Kenya has almost no migration and the population is mostly rural; South Africa and the Philippines, both in the middle of the pack, have migration rates of 1.45% and 2.75% of the rural population per year and are becomingly increasingly urban; Brazil, with a migration rate of 4.4%, is becoming mostly urban.
"Good governance and better accountability for how projects are managed is becomingly increasingly important for microfinance institutions, since they rely on donations for the most part to keep going," says Edward Fox, the charity's chief executive.
(160.) That students consistently report needing more information on sex corresponds with the trend that abstinence until marriage is becomingly increasingly rare in a changing American society.
As to why managed relocation, a once-taboo and potentially harmful strategy, is now being seriously considered, Jessica Hellmann of the University of Notre Dame, said, "Iit is becomingly overwhelmingly evident that climate change is a reality; and it is fast and large.
living it becomingly; and his right to investigate the truth freely,
What gives these songs special life, however, is a beautifully crafted violin obbligato, played with warmth and sensitivity by William Terwilliger, which intertwines with the vocal line most becomingly.
Moreover, it is my opinion that you may not poison any sincere Christian by not going to those things that are foretold in the prophetic predictions concerning the kingdom of Christ as they extend without any contradiction to the New Testament, and are most becomingly used by believers in Christ.
Divorced middle-aged men are becomingly increasingly bad-tempered, emotional and are under-performing at work because of a lack of sleep, a study revealed today.
In Jude, Winslet's healthy young face and body, becomingly smooth and rounded, completely refutes Hardy's description of a Sue who is as "light and flexible as a bird," who "went along as if she hardly touched the ground, and as if a moderately strong puff of wind would float her over the hedge and into the next field" (306).
What was required according to the students was a 'Crusade in the interests of womanly modesty' which 'while aiming at stamping out what is mannish and immodest, not only allows but encourages girls to dress tastefully and becomingly and thereby win the admiration and respect of all'.