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becoming on (someone)

Attractive on someone, as of clothing or other wearable items. That gown is so becoming on you, my dear. My daughter has hazel eyes, so olive green is very becoming on her.
See also: becoming, on

become unstuck

To encounter setbacks or fail altogether. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Boy, this party is really becoming unstuck. First, there was the issue with the caterer, and now half the guests aren't coming.
See also: become, unstuck

become grounds for (something)

To form the basis for some action or decision, often one that is disciplinary or legal in nature. If you get caught plagiarizing, it becomes grounds for expulsion, you know.
See also: become, ground

*becoming on someone

[of clothing] complimentary to someone; [of clothing] enhancing one's good looks. (*Typically: be ~; look ~.) The dress you wore last night is not becoming on you. That color is very becoming on you.
See also: becoming, on

disappointed at someone or something

 and disappointed in someone or something
becoming sad because of someone or something. I am really disappointed at what you did. I am very disappointed in you. That was a terrible thing to do. They were disappointed in the outcome.
See also: disappointed
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Ordained to the priesthood in 1978, he has served a number of parishes in the diocese of Toronto before becoming executive assistant to the diocesan bishop in 1992, and archdeacon of York in 1994.
* As well-paying, low-skilled jobs continue to be replaced by technology, a growing segment of the population with low literacy levels is becoming functionally unemployable.
He credits his choir director for getting him into music in the first place, but deeply appreciates all the teachers who helped nurture his love for music, keeping him focused in spite of his other interests and fostering his dreams of becoming a great singer.
After graduating from the National Defense Academy, he joined major trading firm Nissho Iwai instead of becoming a soldier.
The semi-enclosed forecourt is created by a perimeter tent surrounding the grove of smaller trees, becoming the final moment of transition into the sanctuary itself.
"Why can becoming a guru in your field virtually ensure you a long-term sustainable marketing advantage over your competitors?
It's the reluctance to developing one-self--or one's students--into becoming well-rounded dancers.
Given the international outbreak of serious meat diseases, meat's known human health deficits and the newfound availability of organic and natural foods, why aren't more environmentally aware people becoming vegetarians?
1977 Harvey Milk is elected to the San Francisco board of supervisors, becoming its first openly gay member and symbolizing the growing political clout of gays.
The pupil Is a member of society presently, not waiting for the future in becoming a member of the real world.
Because CPAs are becoming more educated about the subject, success stories about their helping clients ferret out fraud are becoming more common.
and Lynchburg Foundry Co., where he spent 25 years, becoming vice president of technical services.
"Nursing homes," as once known, were becoming a thing of the past and were fast becoming a big business.
Nanotechnology transceivers with voice stress software have been incorporated into clothing and jewelry; these systems alert the user when people are lying or becoming aggressive.
It is a giant reservoir of potential becoming. Since we cannot look into the face of such infinity with comfort, we construct limiting mental models, thereby reducing the vast waters of the void to a mere trickle.