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Commanders should allow these decentralized operations to become more participatory and to function with minimal interference from headquarters.
Tien rose through the administrative ranks at Berkeley to become vice chancellor of research.
In Chicago, GREGORY MARTENS will become a key account manager and market leader for the Central region.
Larison met one woman in her late 60s who had always wanted to become Catholic but whose mother, a fundamentalist Protestant, "thought Catholics were Satan himself.
All these interesting and intelligent people want to become Catholic?
Meeting "numbers" has become a major driver of CFO attention, as has a return to required assurance that internal controls are in place to assure quality financial reporting.
Advocates observe that, in community forests, cultural and natural resources blur to the extent that distinctions become unnecessary.
Once one of Africa's top farming nations, it has become one of its hungriest under its autocratic ruler, Robert G.
propelling her to become one of three black female CEOs of major companies on BE's Top 75 Most Powerful Blacks In Corporate America list.
It is not merely that the American makers of Barbie have swept away traditional dolls and local culture, but the plaything industry across the world has become integrated, with design centered in the U.
At the same time, we usually hold or constrain our breath and become more rigid as if to brace our self.
As the number of CITPs increases, the business community will become more familiar with the designation and the skills we possess.
In the time since Pape's first presentation, not only has distance education become easier for districts to initiate, but its benefits have become too hard to ignore.