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beckon to (one)

To wave or signal to one with a gesture that indicates they should come closer. I think it's safe to go over there now—the guard just beckoned to us.
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beckon to someone

to signal someone to come. Wally beckoned to Sally, and she came over to him. Lily beckoned to Max and he turned his back on her.
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Yesterday Cyan described how the man watched her coming out of a post office and twice drove the van alongside her and smiled while beckoning her towards the vehicle.
I heard him out there howling from his lungs a most beckoning cry, calling out in tongues under the night light.
Ajmer Singh Sohal, 61, formerly of Beanfield Avenue, Green Lane, Coventry, twice stalked girls, following them and beckoning them to get in to his van.
This work thumbs its nose at the protocol of formal progression articulated in Modernist rhetoric while simultaneously beckoning the viewer to perform a thorough "formal" analysis.
When one thinks of marsupials today, images of perky kangaroos and slow-moving koalas beckoning tourists to Australia come most readily to mind.
The main installation opened with a reproduction of Charles Wilson Peale's The Artist in His Museum, 1822, beckoning the viewer into the fictive realm of his collection, and by extension, into the exhibition itself.