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beckon to (one)

To wave or signal to one with a gesture that indicates they should come closer. I think it's safe to go over there now—the guard just beckoned to us.
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beckon to someone

to signal someone to come. Wally beckoned to Sally, and she came over to him. Lily beckoned to Max and he turned his back on her.
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That theory made sense until I peeked through the open door of the ``Governor's Office'' off the main hall and a modern-day receptionist beckoned me in.
This reverse phalanx formation was itself interesting, for the rather intimidating images both confronted the viewer and beckoned her deeper into their company.
And when beckoned by the recording of a colony taped over itself to double its intensity, petrels hit the nets three to four times more often than during silent periods.
He told the court: "The van stopped at a junction, and as she walked by he beckoned to her to come over.
Tomaselli's exhibition, "New Paintings," presented a pictorially and chemically diverse blend of prescriptive and recreational drugs that beckoned the viewer to travel along the psychoactive border between independence and dependence.
When Read beckoned, the fan hurdled a barrier and charged into the lake, swimming out to hand off the Stars and Stripes to crew members, who took turns holding it aloft as they rowed along grandstands of cheering fans in Schinias, Greece.
One more match beckoned - tonight's championship final against West Valley League rival Chatsworth - and Bellante wasn't about to feel satisfied just because the Toreadors defied the odds by beating the previously undefeated Highlanders.
Some called the 22-foot-high statue a tacky remnant of a bygone era, when freeway art beckoned to families making long trips on ribbons of highways.
Francis of Assisi beckoned the local villagers of Greccio, Italy, to bring their animals and re-enact the Nativity.
The plaintive melody beckoned us, urged us up the narrow, switch-backing path.
Members of three local parishes are expected to join the procession that will take them to the area's first Catholic church, a shuttered building on the west side, where they will ring the long-silenced tower bell that once beckoned the faithful to Mass.
He cuddled a koala bear named Chelsea in his hands and beckoned reporters to pet it.
Whatever the political claims, a summer break beckoned for lawmakers, and the legislation was piling up.