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beckon to (one)

To wave or signal to one with a gesture that indicates they should come closer. I think it's safe to go over there now—the guard just beckoned to us.
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beckon to someone

to signal someone to come. Wally beckoned to Sally, and she came over to him. Lily beckoned to Max and he turned his back on her.
See also: beckon
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To enable gesture recognition and motion gaming on these cameras, developers require middleware, such as Omek's Beckon, which interprets the positions and movements of people in front of the cameras.
Omek Beckon for Panasonic is a full-featured set of middleware and development tools designed to unlock the power of the D-IMager.
What is positively experienced here is a transitional zone where language in its human mode rhythmically returns to the animal fold from which it came, at the same time as its sound mode translates into a visual mode akin to gesture (which beckons to speech, heralding its possibility, in the human as in the animal).
Featured bands include a group of former members of Earth, Wind and Fire, Rahmlee and Phoenix Horns Esquire, Ascension, Weekend Flight, Real Life, Below the Fold, Slick 23, Coffey, Sore, Chimps, Pyramid, Guilt By Association, Countrified, Aurora Beckon and LNE.
As the spring and summer months beckon hikers, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department's search and rescue team is teaching children to stay close to a tree should they be lost in the wilderness.
Volkswagen's new Jetta - bigger and more powerful than past incarnations - will beckon a more adult market, said Len Hunt, the German company's executive vice president of the America and Canada division.
In that case, the NFL could beckon for the junior who graduates next semester.
If the welcome is either Nihao or Konnichiwa -- no matter the language -- a friendly smile and warm greeting will beckon travelers flying between Guangzhou and Tokyo/Osaka on China's largest airline," said Mr.
White sand beaches and azure blue waters beckon you to the CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta, an oasis of luxury with a magnificent beachfront location in one of Mexico's finest resort hot spots.
Wireless prepaid and enhanced wireless services beckon to DA and
Career beckons after site work experience A CAREER in the mechanical plumbing or electrical trade beckons for a Bangor man following work experience on a Wynne Construction site.
uk or call 0871 230 8787 Costa Teguise beckons | ENJOY a w Y eek in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote, staying at the three-star Plus El Trebol Apartments for seven nights self catering flying from Newcastle on January 24, 2016.
Fame beckons for a teenager who has won a place at London's famous Italia Conti stage school.
Hampl jokes that the sight of a confession booth beckons to her to "Open the door, open your heart.
And it's that type of success and teamwork over long days and nights, working side by side with their Iraqi counterpart, that beckons SDDC Soldiers to go above and beyond the call of duty, according to Johnson.