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beckon to (one)

To wave or signal to one with a gesture that indicates they should come closer. I think it's safe to go over there now—the guard just beckoned to us.
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beckon to someone

to signal someone to come. Wally beckoned to Sally, and she came over to him. Lily beckoned to Max and he turned his back on her.
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Beckon is enterprise-class marketing intelligence software built by marketers, for marketers.
Beckon provides omnichannel analytics software for the marketing industry.
So certain was the outcome I could not even muster up the will-power to check the score as a day of lazing and imbibing beckoned, but I almost toppled off my sun-lounger the following morning when a newly-arrived guest slipped me a copy of his well-travelled paper.
Call me right now to hear why new beginnings beckon.
"Beckon call" is a dopey redundancy that forces the verb "beckon" to act as an adjective and misconstrues the expression "at his beck and call."
Of the total cases, 338 cases were lodged for driving on wrong sides, 94 for using hydraulic horn, 10 for using hotter and beckon light and 13 others for using tinted glass.
Death and mystery, ever present in Memory of the Abyss, beckon the reader on, page by tantalizing page.
Tama liked to groom herself and when she did so, she appeared to beckon with her paw.
Its arched doorways beckon us: Come, enter this house of worship.
By 1999, he had released Passion Session, his first effort as a charter member of the Narada label, and wider acclaim seemed to beckon. Married with three children, he had moved out of Toronto, where he had been an active member of St.
Northern Ontario, however, continued to beckon Jackson as did the family tradition in glass-making.
"It's an exciting time in the city as new horizons beckon all across Manhattan," said Stribling.
Still, Silverman's words and her tale beckon, an immersion we all need if we, as society, are ever to begin cleansing this festering, hidden wound that surrounds us in silent horror.
But the columns beckon. The floor is flooded with water, which reflects the red light, and provides resonance for the music, a 60-minute composition that emphasizes the often alarming distortions of time and place.