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become of (someone)

Happen to. I haven't seen my childhood best friend in years. I wonder what became of her.
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tempers frayed

Things became tense among people; people lost their tempers. Tempers frayed at Thanksgiving when Uncle Stu and Aunt Marsha started arguing about politics.
See also: fray, temper

what will become of (someone or something)

What will happen to someone or something); what will the end result be for someone or something. What will become of our troops when they return home from the war? Will they get the resources they need to readapt to civilian life? Scientists are still trying to determine what will become of the probe once it loses auxiliary power.
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What has become of (someone or something)?

What has happened to someone or something? What did the result end up being for someone or something? Sometimes used to express regret or anger over current the state of someone or something. What has become of our great nation? It feels like everything we strove for fifty years ago has been completely eroded. I wonder what's become of Jared. We used to be such good friends, but ever since he moved away I've heard nothing from him. Scientists are still trying to determine what has become of the probe, which they lost contact with ten days ago.
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What became of (someone or something)?

What happened to someone or something? What was the end result for someone or something? What ever became of Jared? You used to be such good friends, but you haven't mentioned him once since he moved away. Scientists are still trying to determine what became of the probe, which they lost contact with ten days ago.
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become unstuck

To encounter setbacks or fail altogether. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Boy, this party is really becoming unstuck. First, there was the issue with the caterer, and now half the guests aren't coming.
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become grounds for (something)

To form the basis for some action or decision, often one that is disciplinary or legal in nature. If you get caught plagiarizing, it becomes grounds for expulsion, you know.
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what will become/has become/became of somebody/something?

used to ask what will happen or what has happened to somebody/something: What became of that student who used to live with you?I hate to think what will become of them if they lose their home.
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References in classic literature ?
When evening came she heard the noise of footsteps outside, and became aware that the lion had come to the mouth of the cave, and shook itself there, after which she heard a man coming towards the couch.
There was a fierce battle then, and the sea became so stormy that it was not very easy to keep the boat from being filled by the waves.
Next he asked for the hand of Hadvor, which the King readily gave him, and being now an old man, gave the kingdom to him as well; and so Hermod became King.
A half-witted boy of the school became enamored of the young master.
As his hard knuck- les beat down into the frightened face of the school- master, his wrath became more and more terrible.
In the darkness he could not see the hands and they became quiet.
But although he gained this by his writing, it was not because the people liked his books, but because one man liked them or was eager to have his name upon them, and therefore became his patron.
He got work to do at last, and became one of the first newspaper reporters.
And this was regarded in astronomical circles as little short of a miracle, such that Gauss became famous overnight and his principle of least squares came to be one of the most important tools in further scientific discoveries.
When the woman's mother died, both she and her sister became Catholic.
Canada Stephen Harper, 47, became Canada's Prime Minister in January 2006.
Editor: The lawsuit was dropped later on, when it became clear it would not fly.
Its ROI system eventually spread beyond the automotive industry, as the concept of relating profits to investment levels became generally accepted.
Soon players like Hank Aaron, Bob Gibson, and Willie Mays became the elite players in the game.
As woodlands quickly became depleted in these early settlements, proprietors in many towns began practicing stewardship, turning to customs transplanted from rural England, where the practice of culling forest resources without killing trees had long been established.