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beautiful people

Stylish, glamorous, and often wealthy people admired by others. I wish we were as cool as them—man, they are really the beautiful people.
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make beautiful music together

1. To have a particularly good or strong romantic relationship. Those two have been making beautiful music together for years—it's only a matter of time until they get engaged.
2. euphemism To have a sexual relationship (with someone). A: "I really hope you and Ed aren't, ah, making beautiful music together already." B: "Oh, a lady doesn't kiss and tell." Would you like to come back to my apartment and make beautiful music together?

small is beautiful

The belief, perspective, or mindset that things of a smaller scale are more aesthetically pleasing than those of a larger scale. Can be hyphenated if used before a noun as a modifier. The famed architect always incorporates a small-is-beautiful philosophy into all the buildings he designs. A lot of people think they need a big car as a status symbol, but I've always believed that small is beautiful.
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the body beautiful

The conception of an ideal physical beauty. While we tend to focus on women, we forget that ideas of the body beautiful also cause stress, anxiety, and depression for many men, too.
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the beautiful people

1 fashionable, glamorous, and privileged people. 2 (in the 1960s) hippies.
1 1995 Singapore: Rough Guide The coolest address in town, and a magnet for the beautiful people.
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the body beautiful

an ideal of physical beauty.
1992 Mother Jones About 75,000 women a year elect to have cosmetic surgery, spurred on by ubiquitous images of the body beautiful.
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small is beautiful

the belief that something small-scale is better than a large-scale equivalent.
Small is Beautiful is the title of a book by E. F. Schumacher , published in 1973 . The phrase is best known through its adoption as a slogan by environmentalists.
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mod. very satisfying; excellent. Man, this place is beautiful! You got your own sink and toilet right in the room and good strong bars to keep the riffraff out.
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beautiful people, the

The fashionable social set, individuals who are in vogue and widely emulated and envied. Although general use of this term began in the mid-1960s—Diana Vreeland, the editor of Vogue magazine, is often credited with inventing it—it appeared even earlier as the title of a William Saroyan play of 1941. It was given further currency by the Beatles song “Baby You’re a Rich Man” (1967) by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, which contains the line, “How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?” Katherine Hall Page used the phrase in her mystery The Body in the Big Apple (1999), with its numerous descriptions of expensive New York restaurants and elegant parties. Also see jet set.
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Visual - Due to role of tall buildings in city in terms of visual, the more buildings' fajade are considered in order to have more beautifulness and attractiveness for observer, the more building visual effect.
story called "The Lost Beautifulness." In this story, the
misfortune, Hanneh Hayyeh sets out to destroy the beautifulness she had
destructive rampage at the end of "The Lost Beautifulness"
In the short story "The Lost 'Beautifulness,'" the protagonist's yearnings for both comfort and political rights are crushed by a cruel and indifferent landlord and judicial system.
In "The Lost 'Beautifulness,'" which first appeared in Yezierska's collection of short stories Hungry Hearts (1920), Yezierska also presents a protagonist overwhelmed by a "consuming passion for beauty." (4) Many of the stories in this collection feature impoverished Jewish immigrants who find themselves unable to attain the kind of beauty and freedom that they had envisioned for themselves in America.
Lukacs' framework encourages us to rethink the ending of "The Lost 'Beautifulness'" and to question whether Yezierska has, in fact, sacrificed her heroine to a lost cause.
Gale's wardrobe of tasteless '60s fashion fads, promise to show us the "beautifulness" and the "grotesqueness" of "the world of the dog."
beautifulness. I don't know how else to describe it.
And all of a sudden this lady touched me, and there was this coziness, I don't know, this beautifulness about it I looked and I couldn't really see her, but I knew she was Nuestra Madre Guadalupe.
Contents and themes of Shahnama consist of pleasant and elegant poems to a world full of ups and downs, suffering and joy, ugliness and beautifulness, although they represent different aspects.
With her super `my husband has to wear dark glasses or he'd be blinded just looking at my beautifulness' dress on, Reese looks every inch the Hollywood starlet.