beat out

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beat out

1. To outperform or best someone in order win or achieve something. You beat out a lot of very qualified candidates for this internship.
2. To strike the keys of a piano to play a song. I think your sister is trying to beat out "Hot Cross Buns" on the piano. Whenever my neighbor is beating out something on his piano, you can hear it all the way down the street.
3. To strike a keyboard in order to type something. You better beat that essay out fast because class starts in an hour!
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beat someone or something out

to beat someone or something; to win over someone or something. The other team beat us out readily. They beat out every other team in the league, too. I will win! You will not beat me out!
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beat someone out

to outdistance someone; to perform better than someone. We have to beat the other company out, and then we'll have the contract. I beat out Walter in the foot race.
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beat out

1. Knock into shape by beating, as in She managed to beat out all the dents in the fender. [c. 1600]
2. Surpass or defeat someone; be chosen over someone. For example, He got to the head of the line, beating out all the others. [Colloquial; second half of 1700s] Also see beat the pants off.
3. beat out of. Cheat someone of something, as in He was always trying to beat the conductor out of the full train fare. [Slang; second half of 1800s]
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beat out

1. To defeat someone or something in a competition: I won a lot of games, but the top athlete beat out everyone. You're ahead now, but we'll beat you out in the end!
2. beat out of To achieve or obtain something from something or someone by beating or assaulting: We beat the dirt out of the rug. The hooligans beat a false confession out of me.
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beat someone/something out

tv. to outdistance someone or some group; to perform better than someone or some group. We have to beat the other company out, and then we’ll have the contract.
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beat something out

tv. to type something or play something on the piano. He beat out a cheery song on the old ivories.
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