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The beating that had gone before was as nothing compared with the beating he now received.
Farag's uncle, now Sheikh of the village, spoke: "It is written in this book, Excellency, that the beatings whereby we hold our lands are all valueless.
He will come up the river and will give tongue about the beatings.
But to the man on whose land Abu Hussein shall run into a hole such as is this hole, I will give not dollars, but a most unmeasurable beating.
I confess that I delighted in this beating Leach was giving to Thomas Mugridge, though it was as terrible, almost, as the one Mugridge had caused to be given to Johnson.
It took its rise out of the tittle-tattle and tale- bearing which had been the cause of Johnson's beating, and from the noise we heard, and from the sight of the bruised men next day, it was patent that half the forecastle had soundly drubbed the other half.
My reason dictated that the beating Thomas Mugridge had received was an ill thing, and yet for the life of me I could not prevent my soul joying in it.
I'll teach you to put your hands on my boy, you beast," roared the sa- loon keeper, who, tired of beating the master, had begun to kick him about the yard.
So the only evidence for the defence is that they were beating one another and laughing.
One of these was the house of Colette; and at his door our ill- starred John was presently beating for admittance.
I'm not going to hear my father called a beast,' said John with a beating heart, feeling that he risked the last sound rivet of the chain that bound him to life.
The Asian worker told police that he handed out beatings to the old man because he was being overworked.
A MASSIVE 70 per cent of callers to Steven Nolan's BBC Radio Ulster show yesterday said they supported punishment beatings.
Members of the Latino community expressed outrage that this case was not brought to light sooner, considering two recent high profile beatings in South Los Angeles are being reviewed by citizen groups.
Last November, the country was shocked to learn of the death of seven-year-old Lisa Steinberg in New York City -- police evidence indicated that her death resulted form beatings by one or both of her adoptive parents.