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n. a junky old car. I like my old beater even if it has no bumpers.


n. a sleeveless shirt or undershirt allegedly for women or homosexuals. (From the wife-beater.) They sat there looking macho in their tints and boy-beater.


1. n. an outboard boat motor. My egg-beater has been acting up, so I didn’t go out on the lake today.
2. n. a helicopter. (see also rotorhead.) The egg-beater landed on the hospital roof.


n. a sleeveless undershirt. (see also boy-beater.) He always wears wife-beaters with no outer shirt.


n. an aggressive and ambitious person. They hired an alleged world-beater to manage the office.
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THE TRAINING Panel beaters usually complete a trade apprenticeship, which combines academic study with on-the-job training.
5 m s-1, 25 mm, and 720 kg h-1 for the 3 cultivars, 2 concaves and 3 beaters combinations.
takes months to orchestrate, and even on the day of the shoot many hours are involved by numerous personnel just getting everything lined up for the beaters to start.
The special configuration of the beaters and the flow of the material around is covered by Marzoli patent.
Lickin' The Beaters 2 (ISBN 978-160486-009-2) is published by PM Press and retails for $17.
Heating elements, specializing in high-watt-density swaged cartridge beaters, electric infrared quartz radiant heaters, ceramic heaters, resistance coil beaters, thermo-couples, temperature controls and accessories.
However, as beaters work under the direction of a gamekeeper they are technically employed, which has tax implications for both the shoot and the beater.
ConAgra Foods, which manufactures Egg Beaters liquid eggs, has filed a patent-infringement lawsuit to block rival Michael Foods adding cheese to its better'n Eggs product.
Beat egg whites with clean beaters in another large bowl just until whites form soft peaks when beaters are lifted.
Better 'n Eggs 30 100 (Papetti Foods)(1/4 cup) Egg Beaters (1/4 cup) 30 115 Egg Beaters--Egg Whites 25 75 (3 tbsp.
If you've been watching your egg yolks since the mid-1960s, you may already know that Egg Beaters means eggs with no yolk, no Salmonella, and--if you buy the frozen version--no worry that you'll run out of eggs just when you need them.
The idea behind egg beaters is strengthen the swimmers' strokes and help them with endurance.
In a second phase, this liquor undergoes finish-grinding between pitched beaters and a corrugated plate.