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n. a junky old car. I like my old beater even if it has no bumpers.


n. a sleeveless shirt or undershirt allegedly for women or homosexuals. (From the wife-beater.) They sat there looking macho in their tints and boy-beater.


1. n. an outboard boat motor. My egg-beater has been acting up, so I didn’t go out on the lake today.
2. n. a helicopter. (see also rotorhead.) The egg-beater landed on the hospital roof.


n. a sleeveless undershirt. (see also boy-beater.) He always wears wife-beaters with no outer shirt.


n. an aggressive and ambitious person. They hired an alleged world-beater to manage the office.
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We recently introduced an attractive new bonus structure and I'm keen to bring in several new panel beaters to build on our success.
Unlike most running games, World Beater has a definite end; the game itself proceeds in three milestones - the city, the monuments and the oasis.
The removable wear plates in the housing as well as the teeth on the beater plate were lined with TruCarb solid tungsten carbide.
Both ESPN Goal Line and ESPN Buzzer Beater are also a part of WatchESPN, providing live streaming sports programming.
Remember, dogs with the beaters or retrieving behind the gun line have to be perfectly mannered.
2001 and references therein); defending the ibis beater from other Willets is consistent with the species' territorial behavior.
Ceramax ceramic insulated beaters offer higher operating temperatures (1600 F) with longer service life at lower energy costs.
Ms Taylor said HMRC and the Country Landowners Association had agreed that beaters could be employed as daily casuals without the deduction of tax providing they were taken on for one day only with no promise of future work' the beater was paid in cash at the end of the day' full records of all casual beaters were kept, including names and addresses' and a tax return was made to HMRC at the end of each tax year, listing the amounts paid - if over pounds 1,000 in total - and to whom.
If the beater is between the area being welded and the welding ground point, remove the heater.
In the feeding section, fibers pass through a beater roller with special needle bars for a gentle fiber opening.
Sometimes they egg beater across the pool with their arms in the air
The 24-year-old woman, who was working as a beater, was with the Wynnstay Hunt on land at Penycae which is owned by the Wynnstay Estate near Ruabon, when the incident happened on Monday afternoon.
T 200 sp-01 "Laboratory beating of pulp (Valley beater method)"
Mix at medium-high speed with rotary or paddle beater or dough hook until dough pulls from sides of bowl, 8 to 12 minutes (dough is very soft); add up to 1/4 cup more flour if necessary.
poking her long bill, beater, with nostrils at the tip