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beat down

1. To exhaust or discourage someone. In this usage, a person's name or pronoun is used between "beat" and "down." The long winters here just beat me down. I miss the warmth of the sun! I think working three jobs has finally beaten Alicia down—all she does these days is come home and sleep.
2. To strike someone or something repeatedly. That bully is always beating down on the smaller kids in our class. Just yesterday, he gave Joey a bloody nose. The rain has been beating down on our roof for hours, and I'm starting to worry that we'll have a leak.
3. To strike something so violently as to cause its collapse. In this usage, a noun can be used between "beat" and "down." I'm coming! Geez, you're going to beat the door down!
4. To strike something repeatedly in order to flatten it. That chicken needs to be thinner before we add the bread crumbs, so beat down on it some more.
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beat someone down

Fig. to defeat or demoralize someone. The constant bombing finally beat them down. The attackers beat down the defenders.
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beat something down

1. to break something in; to break through something. Don't beat the door down! I'm coming! Please don't beat down the door!
2. to flatten something. Sam beat the veal down to the thickness of a half an inch. First you beat down the meat to a very thin layer.
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beat down (on someone or something)

to fall on someone or something. The rain beat down on us for an hour. The rock slide beat down on the car and totally ruined the body.
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beat down

1. Force or drive down; defeat or subdue. For example, "And finally to beat down Satan under our feet" ( The Book of Common Prayer, 1552). [c. 1400]
2. Strike violently, as in the The sun kept beating down on us all day long. [Mid-1800s]
3. beat someone down. Make someone lower a price, as in He's always trying to beat us down. Economist Jeremy Bentham used this idiom in 1793: "Thus monopoly will beat down prices." [Slang; late 1700s]
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beat down

1. To hit something until it falls down: The police beat down the door of the suspect's house. They approached the crumbling wall and beat it down with their bare hands.
2. To defeat or demoralize someone: The constant criticism beat me down, and it was hard for me to try again. The invaders beat down every village they passed through.
3. To fall down steadily and heavily: The rain beat down on the roof.
4. To persuade someone to reduce the price of something: The clerk wanted $40 for the shoes but I beat him down to $30.
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Gregory Spear and his team expect beaten down telecom, IT security, biotech and nanotech to be lifted by this tide, as well.
You see a lot of homeless people when you're driving the streets of the Valley every day, but this one just seemed so sad to me because the man was so old and his dog looked pretty beaten down, too,'' Frasier said.
The pair recently expanded their position in Overstock (NASDAQ:OSTK) after the stock was beaten down.
That sounds like a windfall for an industry that has been beaten down by the expansion of more accessible forms of gambling such as state lotteries and by the increasing exposure of major sports on television.
Now for the bottom line: When a beaten down stock fails to move lower on bad news, one can feel fairly confident that a bottom is near.
I think a lot of it, too, with the passage of time, so many people have been so beaten down by the whole process,'' he said.
The editors of FindProfit seek to find quality names in beaten down sectors that are overlooked by Wall Street.
Ford and Zanuck had worked together the year before on 1940's ``The Grapes of Wrath,'' based on John Steinbeck's novel and starring Henry Fonda as Tom Joad, the Depression-era Okie who refuses to be be beaten down.
A few of the beaten down airline names Bill and Matt are currently watching in this volatile, high risk group include: Frontier (NASDAQ:FRNT), SkyWest (NASDAQ:SKYW), AirTran (NYSE:AAI), Continental (NYSE:CAL).
Retail stocks, which had been beaten down earlier this month, rose even after the Commerce Department reported an anemic 0.
While the company has been beaten down due to weakened end markets, orders and profitability improved in the 4th quarter.