bang the drum

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bang the drum

To voice one's support for something. Quit banging the drum for that candidate—he is simply not qualified for the job.
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bang the drum


beat the drum

If you bang the drum or beat the drum for something or someone, you support them strongly and publicly. The trade secretary promised to `bang the drum for industry'. If the French want to beat the drum on behalf of French culture, good luck to them.
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bang/beat the ˈdrum (for somebody/something)

(especially British English) speak with enthusiasm in support of somebody/something: She’s really banging the drum for the new system.
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We brought out the whisky Beat the Dram to commemorate our Loch Ness Concert which was entitled Beat The Drum.
The hitcom is on a two-week hiatus while Kelsey returns to form, giving Jane some extra time to focus on her non-``Frasier'' activities - continuing to beat the drum for the inspiring ``Music of the Heart,'' in which she plays a socialite who comes to the aid of the Meryl Streep character and her inner-city music students.
The Scottish Sun - run by Englishmen in Glasgow - has been trying to beat the drum for our Braveheart Scottish squad.
As the longest-running Energizer bunny for supply-side economics, Kemp has relentlessly beat the drum for smaller, less-intrusive government.
They can beat the drum for teamwork and excellence and open communication, but no one will dance to their tune if they fail to make the person-to-person gestures that say, "I value you," or "You did good work.
They beat the drums of 35 punctures for four months but they did not even speak a word about it before JC", she said this while talking to media men after his appearance before JC here.
Around the council table, Fedeli is doing all he can to beat the drums of business.
Unfortunately, that opportunity was missed to some extent because the administration was slow to respond, allowing our critics to beat the drums of anti-American sentiment for days.
Brian Byrnes brought his career tally over jumps to five with a judicious front-running ride on 16-1 shot Beat The Drums in the maiden hurdle.
Challenge organiser Nick Button, whose wife Delia suffers from multiple sclerosis, was among the Beat the Drums team.