beat the drum (for someone or something)

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beat the drum (for someone or something)

To voice one's support for something. Quit beating the drum for that applicant—he is simply not qualified for the job. At first the legislation didn't seem to have much support, but recently I've seen some people beating the drum online.
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beat the drum for someone or something

 and bang the drum for someone or something
Fig. to promote or support someone or something. (As if one were beating a drum to get attention.) I spent a lot of time beating the drum for our plans for the future. The senator is only banging the drum for his special interests.
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beat the drum for

Praise, promote, publicize, as in He's always beating the drum for his division, which actually has done very well. This term transfers the literal striking of a drum for ceremonial or other purposes to touting the virtues of a person, group, or product. [Mid-1900s]
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beat (or bang) the drum for (or of)

be ostentatiously in support of.
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beat the drum for someone/something

tv. to promote or support someone or something. I spent a lot of time beating the drum for our plans for the future.
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HE may not beat the drum too much but Cassius Baloyi certainly knows how to beat his opponents.
Tell me more about this year's Beat The Drum festival, on the shores of Loch Ness.
So if you want to beat the drum for anything from archery to wind surfing this is your chance.
The Scottish Sun - run by Englishmen in Glasgow - has been trying to beat the drum for our Braveheart Scottish squad.
He said that Pakistan did not beat the drums even when it was telling the truth.
Left Unity in Wales calls on all Welsh MPs and Assembly Members to oppose those who beat the drums of war.
They beat the drums of 35 punctures for four months but they did not even speak a word about it before JC", she said this while talking to media men after his appearance before JC here.
Around the council table, Fedeli is doing all he can to beat the drums of business.
Brian Byrnes brought his career tally over jumps to five with a judicious front-running ride on 16-1 shot Beat The Drums in the maiden hurdle.
Challenge organiser Nick Button, whose wife Delia suffers from multiple sclerosis, was among the Beat the Drums team.
Nevertheless, revolutionaries who advocate change for change's sake continue to beat the drums for cost savings.