beat the bushes

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beat the bushes (for someone or something)

To search for someone or something exhaustively and at great length. I've been beating the bushes for a bigger apartment, but there's nothing out there I can afford!
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beat the bushes

search thoroughly. North American informal
This expression originates from the way in which hunters walk through undergrowth wielding long sticks which are used to force birds or animals out into the open where they can be shot or netted.
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beat the ˈbushes

(especially American English) try very hard to find, obtain or achieve something: Telephone companies are beating the bushes for new customers.
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beat the bushes

To make an exhaustive search.
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Large billboard-type ads are an increasingly familiar sight on the facades of vacant retail properties in Manhattan, according to outdoor advertising companies who used to beat the bushes hunting for landlords with well-located buildings for advertising campaigns.
While Lloyd's works determinedly to keep its international profile high, it does not beat the bushes in search of entities seeking to operate under its roof.
While we beat the bushes, so to speak, to find the visionaries who can put improved levees in place and start the massive rebuilding efforts, we must bear in mind that there were mitigating circumstances that enhanced the TVA's quest for success, one of them being World War II.
Thus, several long-time dancers remembered--albeit with a fond chuckle--that Cecil Sharp's appointed leader of the American Branch, May Gadd, beat the bushes at night at the community's summer dance camp resort, Pinewoods Camp, to make sure there was no hanky-panky.
The company invested about $3 million in automated laser cutting machines and press brakes - which bend and fold steel plate up to one inch thick - at a time when business was slow, and then added five new outside sales positions to beat the bushes for clients.
But executives at NBC and ABC threw cold water on the notion that they'll immediately start to beat the bushes for theatrical movies because of the new Saturday slots.
To beat the bushes for new members, the Guard and Reserves have added 2,200 recruiters.