beat the bushes

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beat the bushes (for someone or something)

To search for someone or something exhaustively and at great length. I've been beating the bushes for a bigger apartment, but there's nothing out there I can afford!
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beat the bushes

search thoroughly. North American informal
This expression originates from the way in which hunters walk through undergrowth wielding long sticks which are used to force birds or animals out into the open where they can be shot or netted.
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beat the ˈbushes

(especially American English) try very hard to find, obtain or achieve something: Telephone companies are beating the bushes for new customers.
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beat the bushes

To make an exhaustive search.
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They urged Springfield to beat the bushes in search of another steam coal customer who would purchase the mine's recent output of roughly 1 million tons annually.
One is to beat the bushes for extraordinary cars that are hidden in barns and garages.
The beaters beat the bushes and make the birds fly, the hunters go in for the kill, and the farmers collect the birds and the harvest as they go.
"We beat the bushes pretty good to try to find her, and she is not around." He said she has lived previously in New York and Florida.
For accessories, you'll have to beat the bushes and gun shows for them.
Large billboard-type ads are an increasingly familiar sight on the facades of vacant retail properties in Manhattan, according to outdoor advertising companies who used to beat the bushes hunting for landlords with well-located buildings for advertising campaigns.