beat the bushes (for someone or something)

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beat the bushes (for someone or something)

To search for someone or something exhaustively and at great length. I've been beating the bushes for a bigger apartment, but there's nothing out there I can afford!
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beat the bushes for

Look everywhere for something or someone, as in I've been beating the bushes for a substitute but haven't had any luck. This term originally alluded to hunting, when beaters were hired to flush birds out of the brush. [1400s] Also see beat around the bush.
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beat the bushes

search thoroughly. North American informal
This expression originates from the way in which hunters walk through undergrowth wielding long sticks which are used to force birds or animals out into the open where they can be shot or netted.
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beat the ˈbushes

(especially American English) try very hard to find, obtain or achieve something: Telephone companies are beating the bushes for new customers.
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beat the bushes

To make an exhaustive search.
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beat the bushes for, to

To seek out assiduously. The term comes from hunting, in the days when beaters were employed to flush birds out for a hunting party, and has been used in its literal sense since the fifteenth century.
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References in classic literature ?
John is a cautious man," he said, with a droll smile, "and it is not always easy to get his opinion about people, so I thought if I beat the bush on this side the birds would fly out, and I should learn what I wanted to know quickly; so now we will come to business.
To which neither Blifil nor Jones gave any answer; but Thwackum said surlily, "I believe the cause is not far off; if you beat the bushes well you may find her."--"Find her?" replied Western: "what!
So if your hunting style is to beat the bush in pursuit of whitetails, don't feel limited in your choice of weaponry.
He pointed out Clause 203 of the bill had already been passed by the Senate, adding that if the government tried to beat the bush around the matter, the opposition will consider other options.
In C Division, leaders New Rising Sun won 4-1 at Red House while The Crockets beat The Bush 3-1.
Shyam starts to beat the bush with his metal rod that has a hook at one end.
Pick of the Alter Ego tracks come from Eric Prydz (Rocker) and Tiesfshwarz (Beat the Bush) but it's their take on the classics that really shines.
One person beat the bush with a low-tech piece of equipment called a stick, with something resembling a square kite in the other hand.
Fawdon Park defeated Red House 2-0, New Marlborough Social saw off Wallsend Engineers 3-0 and Blucher Social beat The Bush 4-2.
In C Division, New Marlborough Social won 4-2 at Fawdon Park, and New Rising Sun beat The Bush 4-1.
Lemington Labour beat The Bush by the same score, and Wallsend Engineers and Worswick Street had respective 2-1 home wins over Sea Horse and St Dominic's.
Andy Graham netted twice for Lord Clyde in their 4-0 defeat of West Denton, Dog and Parrot beat The Bush 4-1, Ross Parker scoring twice.
These results meant Bellingham had to beat The Bush on Monday night so that Westerhope CC would have to win or draw against Garnett Bohemian Reserves tonight.
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