beat somebody at their own game

beat (one) at (one's) own game

To defeat or triumph over someone by using their own strengths, techniques, or tactics to one's own advantage. He thinks that, because he's so much bigger than me, I won't want to fight with my fists, but I'm so quick that I'll be able to beat him at his own game. The senator keeps saying her policies are the will of the people, but if we can get an accurate poll of her constituency, we can beat her at her own game.
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beat somebody at their own ˈgame

be more successful than somebody in their special activity, sport, etc.; defeat somebody using their own methods: If you thought someone was trying to cheat you, would you challenge him or try to beat him at his own game?
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Barnet joint head coach Edgar Davids added: "We went into the same game that Wimbledon were playing, and if that's not your game, it's hard to beat somebody at their own game."