beat against

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beat against (something/someone)

To repeatedly strike a person or thing. Quit beating against the door, I'm coming! The rain has been beating against our roof for hours, and I'm starting to worry that we'll have a leak. The hiker had frostbite after the freezing wind beat against his cheeks for days.
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beat against someone or something

to strike against someone or something. The wind beat against the sides of the house. Max beat against Lefty's jaw with his quick jabs.
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The rains came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall because it had its foundations on the rock.
Waves beat against the shelves of tortured rock below the light tower.
They will not want to get beat against a team of celebrities.
There would be no point in beating them at Old Trafford and then getting beat against Poland.
Otherwise, a magnet is not a battering ram and does not need to be used to break or beat against anything.
Since we have limbs, we all know what it means to beat against a resistant material, to penetrate a soft or liquid substance, to crush, to drum, to pummel, to kick, and perhaps even to dance as well.
As the waves beat against the shore and drag everything in sight, it sometimes seems that whenever California voters make an earthshaking decision at the polls, the rest of the country wants to follow suit.
And it would take a foolhardy gambler to beat against him adding another, and signing off with a 10-in-a-row farewell.
Whatever the reason, Egerton Ryerson, the Methodist bishop and leader of the Protestant majority, used the bishop's apparent willingness to cooperate like a stick to beat against his successor's inflexibility on the separate school issue.
The option will also display the current beat against a reference beat, and display the relative deviation value for all leads.
Conclusion Probably needs to hate the surface to get beat against this lot.
GROUP A: Cameroon v Brazil, 9pm HOSTS Brazil will be aiming to finally dance to the rhythm of a samba beat against Cameroon today.
Some teams will think they are going to get beat against them.