beat about the bush

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beat about/around the bush

To speak vaguely or euphemistically so as to avoid talking directly about an unpleasant or sensitive topic. Don't beat around the bush—just tell me the truth. Why are you beating around the bush? Are you leaving our company?
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beat about the bush

discuss a matter without coming to the point; be ineffectual and waste time.
This phrase is a metaphor which originated in the shooting or netting of birds; compare with beat the bushes below.
1992 Barry Unsworth Sacred Hunger I don't want to beat about the bush. Mr Adams is threatening to leave us.
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ˌbeat about the ˈbush

(British English) (American English ˌbeat around the ˈbush) take too long before saying what you want to say; avoid saying something directly: Don’t beat about the bush. Tell me exactly what you think is wrong with my work. OPPOSITE: call a spade a spade
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Dimension Data sporting director Roger Hammond said: "We can't beat about the bush - it's not an ideal situation.
A police spokesman said: "We didn't beat about the bush and he was soon arrested on suspicion of fail to stop, dangerous driving, no licence, no insurance and drugdriving.
"He said we wouldn't beat about the bush and that the main objective was to surpass Celtic and be champions.
TWO million pounds - let's not beat about the bush, we are not talking pennies here, we are talking about a lot of money.
Murray said: "Let's not beat about the bush, it's the biggest sendingoffyou'llseethisweek in Britain - it's that bad."
Let's not beat about the bush. Christmas is the major marketing event of the year and all manufacturers, stores and internet outlets want their share.
He said: "The new boss won't beat about the bush. He'll tell you exactly how he wants it and that helps instead of isolating you."
"But let's not beat about the bush - Mercedes were the quickest car, even though they ran into their issues.
"Let's not beat about the bush. Ed Miliband is not a leader.
Just as well Ireland is facing this with its eyes open, one might add, because European Parliament President Martin Schulz - visiting Dublin on 28 February with Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso - did not beat about the bush. He made it quite clear that the talks would be no picnic.