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bearer of bad news

Literally, someone who delivers bad news. The bearer often identifies as such as an introductory warning that they have bad news to deliver. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm afraid your grandfather passed away late last night. We were celebrating our teacher's absence until Susie, the bearer of bad news, told us that the principal was coming to give us our exam.
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1. A military member who carries the flag of their unit. The soldier marched proudly, flag in hand, as the standard-bearer of his unit.
2. The widely-accepted leader of a cause, movement, or ideology. She rose above her contemporaries to become the standard-bearer of the women's rights movement.

the standard bearer

COMMON The standard bearer of a group of people or a belief is a person who represents them. He saw himself as the standard bearer of the right of the party. She's become very much the standard bearer for traditional, family values. Note: A standard is a flag with badges or symbols on it, which represent a person or organization. In the past, a standard bearer was the person who led an army into battle carrying a standard.
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The central observers not only found office bearers inexperienced and under- performing, but also pointed out financial irregularities.
Stretcher bearers carrying a soldier |in for treatment.
It is obtained by raising to the square and summing up relative values of criterion bearers (Herfindahl 1950):
Apply lots of very strong construction adhesive to the back of each bearer first for added strength, as well as a bearer under the edge of the bath at both ends.
Hollywood made an appearance in the ceremonies when director Steven Spielberg entered the stadium as one of the eight bearers of the Olympic flag; other bearers included John Glenn and Desmond Tutu.
I want to give them a rich and important identity as bearers of the mystery and doctors of the soul -- an identity like that is far deeper than a Roman collar.
Whist partner Joan Griffiths said: "Herbie had spoken about us being pall bearers for him two years ago.
Objects to which representational status is accorded can be termed representation bearers.
On behalf of the Royal Navy, QinetiQ selected Riverbed to overcome some of the critical limitations of using a mix of satellite, UHF (both wide and narrow band) and HF bearers for operational data communications.
Addressing the APCA convention and oath taking ceremony, the office bearers of APCA including Central President Fazal Ghaffar Bacha, Secretary General Haji Irshad Chaudhary, provincial Secretary General Punjab chapter Fakhar-ur-Rehman Azhar and President APCA AJK Syed Sadiq Shah have said that decision to extend the protest movement was made on continuous violation of Charter of Demand (CoD) and in discriminatory attitude with government employees in Punjab.
The polling for office bearers would be held in Government High School Landikotal and chairman committee appealed teachers to actively participate in it.
The members, who put in their papers on Monday, sent their resignation via email to state and national committee office bearers.
Contract notice: Supply of Timber Sleepers, Bearers and Baseplates.
Coun Mike Leddy met two of Birmingham's bearers for the Queen's baton relay and raised the flag in preparation for the Commonwealth Games which start in Glasgow on July 23.
City of Coventry Ex Service Standard Bearers will be in attendance and bearers must report to our Standard Marshall by no later than 10.