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bearer of bad news

Literally, someone who delivers bad news. The bearer often identifies as such as an introductory warning that they have bad news to deliver. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm afraid your grandfather passed away late last night. We were celebrating our teacher's absence until Susie, the bearer of bad news, told us that the principal was coming to give us our exam.
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1. A military member who carries the flag of their unit. The soldier marched proudly, flag in hand, as the standard-bearer of his unit.
2. The widely-accepted leader of a cause, movement, or ideology. She rose above her contemporaries to become the standard-bearer of the women's rights movement.

the standard bearer

COMMON The standard bearer of a group of people or a belief is a person who represents them. He saw himself as the standard bearer of the right of the party. She's become very much the standard bearer for traditional, family values. Note: A standard is a flag with badges or symbols on it, which represent a person or organization. In the past, a standard bearer was the person who led an army into battle carrying a standard.
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"I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of Paul Bearer," Shawn Michaels wrote.
They leapt out from behind their barriers and in a turn of speed that would impress Usain Bolt made a dash for the bearer and managed to get their hands on the torch before being pulled aside.
WEDNESDAY brings the monthly meeting of the City of Coventry Standard Bearers Association at the TA Centre, Radford Road.
Also, the Rs40,000 bearer bonds can be converted to Special Saving Certificates (SSC) or Defence Savings Certificates (DSC) through 16 field offices of the SBP Banking Services Corporation, authorised commercial banks and National Savings Centres.
40,000 Prize Bonds (Bearer) need to be registered *Up to 31st March, 2020* and any of the aforementioned opportunities can be availed for the purpose.
Gupta further said: "If a person has held the post of office bearer in respect of a State Association for a period of nine years, he will not be disqualified to contest for the post of office bearer of the BCCI.
Critics, including some of the flag bearer aspirants, have slammed the 'exorbitant' filing fee.
Davis skipped Friday's ceremony to focus on his race scheduled for just three days later, he had been planning to skip it earlier and reconsidered attending when he learned he might be named flag bearer, ( CNN reported.
Hundreds of Thaipusam kavadi bearers began their journey to the Waterfall Hilltop Temple here, right after midnight today to fulfil their vows.
Delhi BJP president Manoj Tiwari has sought a list of 50 BJP leaders, including former office bearers and those sidelined in the party, in recent times.
Before the transaction, Perrot Duval's registered and bearer shares will be split at a ratio of 1:20 and each bearer participation certificate will be converted into one new bearer share.
Doris Lawrence, of Weoley Castle, got in touch to tell us about one brave Royal Warwickshire Regiment stretcher bearer, who could have won a Victoria Cross several times over, according to her father.
Telecoms equipment manufacturer Huawei and Kuwaiti telco Zain, have announced plans to build a unified all-IP mobile bearer network in Kuwait.
Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, and Zain, a leading telecom company in the Middle East, have announced plans to build a unified all-IP mobile bearer network in Kuwait.