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bearer of bad news

Literally, someone who delivers bad news. The bearer often identifies as such as an introductory warning that they have bad news to deliver. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm afraid your grandfather passed away late last night. We were celebrating our teacher's absence until Susie, the bearer of bad news, told us that the principal was coming to give us our exam.
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1. A military member who carries the flag of their unit. The soldier marched proudly, flag in hand, as the standard-bearer of his unit.
2. The widely-accepted leader of a cause, movement, or ideology. She rose above her contemporaries to become the standard-bearer of the women's rights movement.

the standard bearer

COMMON The standard bearer of a group of people or a belief is a person who represents them. He saw himself as the standard bearer of the right of the party. She's become very much the standard bearer for traditional, family values. Note: A standard is a flag with badges or symbols on it, which represent a person or organization. In the past, a standard bearer was the person who led an army into battle carrying a standard.
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THE courageous work of stretcher bearers deserves just as much recognition as the soldiers who fought in World War One.
However, neighbours who were present when Bearer mutilated himself said, that they weren't on any hard drugs that would trigger the rapper to hurt himself.
With the rapid development of mobile broadband services, Zain wants to build a unified all-IP bearer network that covers a full range of services and provides ultra-bandwidth and efficient use of network resources.
Huawei provided Zain with the leading all-IP bearer network solution, including a comprehensive series of routers.
1100 - The bearer party carries the coffin into St Paul's Cathedral and the funeral service begins.
All new bearers are installed to manufacturer's specifications to ensure proper fit and prevent premature failure.
Control Layle's crystal bearer powers to battle adversaries, navigate through obstacles and move objects at will in a highly interactive environment
1] is the market share of the largest criterion bearer.
The John Oxx-trained Sea The Stars will be joined by a Ballydoyle trio in the pounds 600,000 showpiece, which lost its only domestic contender when Weatherbys announced just after noon that Sir Michael Stoute had withdrawn Tartan Bearer with a self-certificate.
JOCKSAWAY Tartan Bearer (white face, pictured winning the Dante Stakes at York) can cut a dash in the King George
BRIDGEND GARDEN CENTRE Ladybank Road, Freuchie, Fife, 01337 858 293 20% off plants and shrubs This voucher entitles the bearer to 20% off plants and shrubs.
The brave men of the stretcher bearers were in extreme danger and many were decorated for their bravery.
TARTAN Bearer can restore family honour and present Sir Michael Stoute with a fifth Vodafone Derby victory at Epsom tomorrow.
Exempt OID and bearer bonds: Although it generally has not been possible to issue exempt bonds in bearer form since 1982, older exempt bonds in bearer form may still be in circulation.
The growth of children's environmental health has been fueled by evidence that the fetus and child are particularly vulnerable to environmental influences, the development and validation of biomarkers (Perera 1997; Lanphear and Bearer 2005; Links et al.