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Woods dropped eight shots over the week in the Bear Trap - the three-hole stretch redesigned by Nicklaus - and his putting is still a work in progress.
The famous Bear Trap - a trio of brutal holes from the 15th to the 17th - is where the event is often won and lost.
A bear trap is a false signal that the rising trend of a stock or index has reversed when it has not, he noted.
Names of Hafiz Saeed, Firdous Ahmed and Syed Salah-ud-Din have been included in this bear trap,' he disclosed.
Three prepubescent girls are enjoying what is likely their last summer of childhood when one of them is murdered gruesomely in the woods with a bear trap.
The Bear Trap - After stepping on a bear trap, Lydia was in trouble, and Stiles was the only one around to save her.
Margaret Thatcher found out the hard way just how painful it can be to step on a bear trap when she pushed through the poll tax in Scotland.
In 1987 Richard was in the bed of a pickup a few yards behind another pickup with a bear trap in the bed containing the unhappy bear.
A great pop band," Daltrey said/ "I've been rather misquoted with One Direction, because a journalist laid a bear trap for me and asked me if their music would be significant in years to come, and I said I don't know whether it will be.
It lays a bear trap for the PM and his Chancellor George Osborne who must now decide whether they will match Labour's plan to tackle poverty pay - or not.
Officials then diverted Bear Trap Creek around the impoundment and built a water treatment facility to deal with waste water from mining adits.
There followed a wobble as panic set in that Greece would become the catalyst to mark the second leg of the financial crisis but this proved to be a bear trap.
My heart is a bear trap with a fox's paw caught in its teeth.
And while Fargo has so far delighted in throwing us curve balls at every turn, it seems highly unlikely that the rather vicious-looking bear trap that Lester discovered among his brother's hunting paraphernalia won't have a role to play in his inevitable climactic showdown with Malvo.