bare (one's) teeth

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bare (one's) teeth

To display an angry, violent, and/or threatening reaction to or against something or someone, as does a dog or wolf when threatened. I will bare my teeth to anyone who tries to take away my land. We seemed to be getting along just fine, but she suddenly bared her teeth when I brought up religion.
See also: bare, teeth

bare one's teeth

Also, show one's teeth. Indicate hostility and readiness to fight, as in His refusal to accept my offer made it clear I'd have to bare my teeth, or In this instance, calling in a lawyer is showing one's teeth. This figurative term transfers the snarl of a dog to human anger. It first was recorded as show one's teeth in 1615.
See also: bare, teeth

bare your ˈteeth

show your teeth in a fierce and threatening way: The dog bared its teeth and growled.
See also: bare, teeth
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It was anticipated that, in his last annual report, Duffy would bear his teeth more than he has tended to in the past but that hasn't proven to be the case.
Given that it was one area where Hughton still has some convincing to do was encouraging to see United's Mr Nice bear his teeth.
Only TV commentator and former Wimbledon champ John McEnroe put a damper on the celebrations when he said Henman "will have to get nastier if he wants to win the men's singles crown." But judging by this performance Tim knows how and when to bear his teeth.
And if the jaw receives the all clear the 31-year-old should be ready to bear his teeth for Stade Francais against Colomiers in their Top 16 clash at the weekend.