bear cross

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bear (one's) cross

To cope with a burden or challenging situation. I'm sure it's not easy to live with such a serious illness, but she bears her cross with such humor and grace.
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bear one's cross

 and carry one's cross
Fig. to handle or cope with one's burden; to endure one's difficulties. (This is a biblical theme. It is always used figuratively except in the biblical context.) It's a very painful disease, but I'll bear my cross. I can't help you with it. You'll just have to carry your own cross.
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If a bear crosses my path, he is soon the mere ghost of Bruin.
Burns issuing out of the companion on all fours till he attempted to stand up, and even then the idea of a bear crossed my mind first.
After motorists witnessed a young Formosan black bear cross a mountain road, the forestry service in Hualien County managed to catch the animal and its mother in a picture.
EVERYONE has a cross to bear but making a Russian bear cross may not be the wisest move.
Mr Bostock, of Brisbane Road, Christchurch and Mr Marshall, of Ringwood Road, Bear Cross, Bournemouth, denied negligence, saying their duty was to provide a reasonably suitable and safe course for the cross-country event which attracted a field of 130 riders.
A biogeographer consulting for the Rocky Mountain conservation group American Wildlands, Walker is trying to get public lands managers and people who care about wildlife to answer a deceptively simple question: Why does a bear cross the road?
I saw one small bear cross 43 yards behind the bait site one day, and I saw a big chocolate bear cross on a trail about 73 yards up I he ridge on a not her day.
Residents of Glendale Avenue first saw the bear cross through their neighborhood about 1:45 p.m.
Byline: Orla BANNON ..HDLN: Kernan happy to bear Cross of past glories
Lilly Koko Tanner was thrown out of her pushchair and into the air as her mother Sarah Tanner was carried on the car's bonnet in the incident in Bear Cross, Dorset, on February 8.
Police in Bournemouth said: "She had been in the Bear Cross pub and we took away CCTV footage."
The bear crossed the Rhine, moved through Germany and even took part in the Berlin victory parade.
As we began our stalk, the bear crossed a high spot in the pit where his long body confirmed he was well worth our best effort.