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(as) skinny as a beanpole

Extremely thin. I was always skinny as a beanpole growing up, but I really filled out once I hit puberty. You want to play football? But you're as skinny as a beanpole—you'll get creamed!
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One who is very skinny. Susie is such a beanpole now that she's had her growth spurt. Melanie's a beanpole—her clothes will be way too tight on me!
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skinny as a beanpole

very thin; very skinny. (*Also: as ~.) I exercised and dieted until I was skinny as a beanpole.
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n. a skinny person. I’m getting to be such a beanpole.
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And now, I read, they are to have their own date in the calendar glorifying their tallness, for tomorrow is the start of National Beanpole Week which is the height of bad taste to us shorter folk.
Mind you, if you can't get hold of a real beanpole I know plenty of chaps who might be willing to stand in your back garden.
The open day was run by the Wildlife Trust as part of National Beanpole Week, in order to help people learn how to make the best use of their garden or allotment for wildlife.
National Beanpole Week 2010 called on gardeners to support Britain's coppiced woodlands by choosing eco-friendly, locally-grown coppiced beanpoles instead of imported bamboo canes.
Organisers are calling on everyone to do their bit to support Britain's coppiced woodlands by going along to a special Beanpole Week event, or simply by buying hazel beanpoles made from coppiced wood.
"Hazel poles make the best and most handsome beanpoles for any garden or allotment," he said.
The first ever National Beanpole Week is launched today and will celebrate native coppiced woodland and the ancient tradition of coppicing, has been organised by the Telford-based Small Woods Association.
For more information about National Beanpole Week, visit or telephone 01952 432769.
Jodie has done wonders for my confidence, so give us beanpoles a break.
No way was I gonna miss my microsecond before we're back to the usual diet of anorexic beanpoles.
"Beanpoles" and mirrored dividers framed pseudopersonal shopping vignettes throughout the open-feeling space.