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(as) skinny as a beanpole

Extremely thin. I was always skinny as a beanpole growing up, but I really filled out once I hit puberty. You want to play football? But you're as skinny as a beanpole—you'll get creamed!
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One who is very skinny. Susie is such a beanpole now that she's had her growth spurt. Melanie's a beanpole—her clothes will be way too tight on me!
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skinny as a beanpole

very thin; very skinny. (*Also: as ~.) I exercised and dieted until I was skinny as a beanpole.
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n. a skinny person. I’m getting to be such a beanpole.
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I was the boniest beanpole in my class, an ectomorph and now I'm a professional bodybuilder with a European title."
And now, I read, they are to have their own date in the calendar glorifying their tallness, for tomorrow is the start of National Beanpole Week which is the height of bad taste to us shorter folk.
Christopher must know that this appalling bear-pit extravaganza is more about style than substance so it looks like Rylan, the Essex Lycra beanpole might just scoop the prize; if he doesn't run out of hair dye and sequins.
He grew 12 inches in one year, and as he told me, "I was this 14-year-old beanpole." In a cricket match that year, the beanpole reached up for the ball, twisted, caught it ...
I can't relate to being a beanpole" TV chef and former model Lorraine Pascale "To Royal Shakespeare Company to see Julius Caesar which we loved.
However, that will now be the end of departures from Tony Adams' squad, meaning the likes of sought-after Niko Kranjcar, Glen Johnson and beanpole forward Peter Crouch will be going nowhere.
"I won't vote for any beanpole guy," a former Hillary Clinton supporter wrote on a Yahoo blog.
The first ever National Beanpole Week is launched today and will celebrate native coppiced woodland and the ancient tradition of coppicing, has been organised by the Telford-based Small Woods Association.
I mean, she's Olive, a shrill beanpole forever plagued by obscure disorders ...
BEANPOLE supermodel Erin O'Connor has revealed how she finally came to boast an hour-glass figure for Christmas.
Then again, as he's 6ft 5in and beanpole Peter Crouch plays for Liverpool ...
Villa's beanpole striker Peter Crouch is aiming to prove he is Premiership class and not a pounds 4.5 million flop.
Vassell and beanpole striker Peter Crouch scored the Villa goals as Chelsea struggled to shrug off the disappointment of their FA Cup final defeat against Arsenal last weekend.
Use your knowledge of healthy fruits and vegetables to get to the top of the beanpole. Fill in each bean pod with the correct word.
Instead of stretching up like a beanpole, lavatera makes a rounded mound; cheerful pink or white flowers open from buds that bear a strong resemblance to the choicest florists' rosebuds.