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(as) skinny as a beanpole

Extremely thin. I was always skinny as a beanpole growing up, but I really filled out once I hit puberty. You want to play football? But you're as skinny as a beanpole—you'll get creamed!
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One who is very skinny. Susie is such a beanpole now that she's had her growth spurt. Melanie's a beanpole—her clothes will be way too tight on me!
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skinny as a beanpole

very thin; very skinny. (*Also: as ~.) I exercised and dieted until I was skinny as a beanpole.
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n. a skinny person. I’m getting to be such a beanpole.
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Steeled knights of the Conquest, bearded statesmen of Queen Elizabeth, and high-ruffled ladies of her court, were mingled with characters of comedy, such as a party-colored Merry Andrew, jingling his cap and bells; a Falstaff, almost as provocative of laughter as his prototype; and a Don Quixote, with a bean pole for a lance, and a pot lid for a shield.
A selection of bamboo bean poles, old sheets and clothes pegs are all you need - okay, it may not weather a storm but it'll definitely provide a few hours of fun.
When gardening, the Transom Knot can be used to tie poles together for fruit canes and bean poles. The perpendicular poles will allow the plants to spread out as they grow, for easier picking.
The beans put nitrogen into the soil, cornstalks provide bean poles and the squash leaves protect the soil and keep it moist.
Another is bean poles might be left up over winter and spoil the view.
We all have seen bamboo used in the garden as decorative features such as fences, arbors and bean poles. Even though the varieties that grow in this area will not reach large diameters, you will be able get a pole as large as two inches in a few short years.
to the obesity police who are currently running amok, this scarcity of dental care is clearly part of a government ploy to turn the nation into bean poles and anorexic stick insects.
Dad, John Bellinger and Ralph Weaver, who had been doing the work, quickly got some cow blankets from the barn and laid them over the new cement, supporting them with fishing and bean poles.
"After all, he's spent years poking bean poles down into it without setting it off so it's only right he should do it now," he said.
Sustainable local bean poles had been harvested from hazel coppice on the Trust's nature reserves.
Bean poles would give their right arm to look like you.
'They even nicked 20 bean poles.' Club member Ben Davies, 10, who helps work on the garden both in and out of school hours, said: 'I felt sad when I heard the tools had been stolen because we were short of tools anyway.'
The Londoners also boast enough bean poles to ensure they are not suspectible from set-pieces -but last night that counted for nothing.