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"A thousand popes!" exclaimed Clopin, "you are all fools!" But he did not know how to explain the fall of the beam.
The heavy beam lay in the middle of the enclosure, and groans were heard from the poor wretches who had received its first shock, and who had been almost cut in twain, on the angle of the stone steps.
They stared at the beam, they stared at the church.
"Beard and belly!" said Clopin, "here be men afraid of a beam."
"Captain, 'tis not the beam which bothers us, 'tis the door, which is all covered with iron bars.
The King of Thunes ran boldly to the formidable beam, and placed his foot upon it: "Here is one!" he exclaimed; "'tis the canons who send it to you." And, making a mocking salute in the direction of the church, "Thanks, canons!"
The monotonous boy put his head round the beam on the left, and said, 'Look out there, ladies!' and disappeared.
They were soon left alone; nothing more important happening, in the meantime, than the boy looking round his old beam, and saying, 'Everybody at eleven to-morrow, ladies!' and the gentleman with the black hair looking round his old beam, and saying, 'Everybody at eleven to-morrow, darlings!' each in his own accustomed manner.
But before putting him down I had the extremely bad taste to cut off his pigtail and spike it to that beam above his grave, where you may see it at this moment, or, preferably, when warmth has given you leisure for observation.
To this it clung in a seeming frenzy, grimacing ghastly, surging and plunging from side to side in its efforts to disengage its property from the beam, but uttering no sound.
She carries an obsolete "barbette" conning tower--a six-foot affair with railed platform forward--and our warning beam plays on the top of it as a policeman's lantern flashes on the area sneak.
Captain Purnall presses a switch and our signal beam begins to swing through the night, twizzling spokes of light across infinity.
I've turned in a General Call, so even if they don't see our beam some one's bound to help--or else we must.
We shut off our beam as she adjusts herself--steering to a hair--over the tramp's conning-tower.
"Keep our beam on her and send out a General Warning," says Captain Purnall, following her down.