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The same happy, smiling Circassian, with mustache and beaming eyes looking up from under a sable hood, was still sitting there, and that Circassian was Sonya, and that Sonya was certainly his future happy and loving wife.
1 : to send out beams of light <Sunlight was beaming through the window.>
In 2002, Traficant was convicted of bribery, racketeering, and other charges, and began serving an eight-year sentence in federal prison, whence there is no beaming up.
To see the latent content, the addressee must "grab" the message from the beaming crowd as he would a pluck a point of light from a summer cloud of fireflies.
He also says he believed that with the handhelds, board members could make better use of their time and resources by beaming notes, minutes, events and documents, and keeping track of appointments.
Directed-energy weapons are beam devices, such as lasers, designed to intercept and destroy incoming missiles by beaming energy into them (SN: 2/15/86, p.