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The Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team will present a truly otherwordly fundraiser, when the celestial Martian Social Club beam down for an evening of unbridled psychedelic tomfoolery for their performance at the Llanberis and District Social Club, Market Street, Caernarfon.
The transmitter on each balloon would beam down the Internet to an area about 1,250 square kilometers (780 square miles) — twice the size of New York City.
According to Mike Cassidy, Project Lead of Loon, the balloons would be able to beam down internet speeds that are similar to a 3G network.
Did you shiver with anticipation as Diamond Dogs, Space Oddity and the voice of the Thin White Duke suggested that David Bowie was about to beam down among us?
On their exit, the delegation briefly visited the 10-megawatt (MW) Beam Down solar photovoltaic (PV) test field and the chiller system, Masdar note
Kirk, Spock, Bones, Sulu, and three red shirted security officers beam down in the away team.
Perhaps it's time to beam down from Planet Plaid and join the real world.
The two men, subcontractors for the project's steel fabricator, were working on a canopy section of steel over the Southbridge Street sidewalk when a weld gave way and they "rode the beam down," said Stephen L.
In "Anything But Alone," Captain Kirk and company, beam down to a strange planet that will be familiar to watchers of the TV series--the inhabitants wear funny clothes and are hiding a terrible secret.
Lathan is great, but most of the cast are like the Star Trek crew who beam down to a planet to be wiped out.
By inserting the tool into the breech and closing the bolt, the Accurizer will automatically activate and omit a beam down the full length of the barrel to allow the weapon to be sighted or aligned safely and accurately without having to fire a round.